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Smart Networking for 5G & the Digital Enterprise,
    Accelerating OSS Transformation for NFV+SDN

  26 - 28 March 2019 | Madrid, Spain



Automation is now carriers' top priority: Automation is necessary to operate 5G; needed to fully monetise new services enabled by NFV+SDN; required to scale for IoT and more... Join the market makers at the start of the Zero Touch journey and the future of Network & Service Management in Madrid, 26-28 March 2019, at the second Zero Touch Automation Congress.

Fresh approaches such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to revolutionise telecoms networking operations and the strategic shift is already underway, in this transformation of Network Operations, NFV Orchestration & Services Management to an automated future.

Join us at the second Zero Touch Automation Congress this 26 -28 March 2019 in Madrid, Spain.  

  • Connect with  300+ delegates and meet over 20+ Analysts 
  • Keynotes from the industry's real leaders, activists and movers and shakers - make sure to view the leading speakers on the agenda
  • Networking opportunities in the exhibition area for busy carrier network executives, leaders and managers

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