Sponsorship & Exhibition at Terabit Optical & Transport SDN

Engage more closely with decision makers, existing and prospective customers at the Industry Knowledge Exchange



Layer123 is The Industry Knowledge Exchange and invites all service providers, end users, regulators and industry analysts to participate in the Knowledge Exchange and in return offers free access to the event. Read more details.


We design and manage our events to help you to engage with existing customers and customer prospects more meaningfully. From the highly focused and expertly managed agenda to the structured, small group debates on key topics over lunch, and informal networking throughout, we help you to make the most of your access to industry leaders, influencers and decision makers.



Make the most of your investment in a Layer123 platform, increase your market impact and ROI – fully engage your business development and sales teams and take advantage of delegates' valuable time at the event!

Layer123 has launched 123 SALES ADVANCE to help your sales team fully benefit from your marketing investment. The package removes many of the barriers that hinder your sales team from prospecting and progressing business at traditional events. And best of all – there is NO Additional Cost!

123 SALES ADVANCE is available for senior sponsors (Gold level and above) at all 2013 events.


Please contact me for more details: Anthony Streeter


"Beyond the conference walls"


Make the most of your investment in a Layer123 platform, reach out to a larger audience outside the conference room! Layer123 has launched CHANNEL123 live webinars and live event broadcasts. Layer123's fully integrated appraoch to online and face-to-face communication takes the event model into the 21st Century, making efficient use of professionally managed, highest quality channels to get your message across to more professionals around the world.

Don't settle for old fashioned one-dimensional products, move ahead with confidence with Layer123 as your events innovation partner of choice! For more details, contact Anthony Streeter

A very well organised international conference - which proves that SDN has a global reach – Ericsson

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