Terabit Optical Networking 2011 - Post Event Report

“Layer123 invested a lot of energy into the event – the outcome was excellent!” – Transmode

The first Terabit Optical Networking conference in Cannes, 11-13 April 2011, attracted over 200 registered delegates from 70 companies.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to our Co-Host the OIF, Lead Operators Telecom Italia and Deutsche Telekom, and all Terabit Founding Sponsors for seeing the need for this new forum, and their support in making it happen.

All our Founding Sponsors made a substantial commitment to launch this new conference and delegates were rewarded with multiple Terabit demo systems, including the two currently shipping 100G systems and the first Terabit line rate demonstration – making Cannes the only event in the next 12 months to see all this in one location, anywhere in the world. It was an impressive sight, and all the carrier and operator delegates were kept busy throughout the conference.

We also thank all the speakers, who are respected experts and leaders in their fields, and to other delegates and guests, all of whom travelled from various locations throughout the world to participate in the first Terabits conference to share their expertise and experience.

Layer123 particularly appreciates all the expressions of renewed commitment, support and enthusiasm and is planning already for Terabits 2012. See you there!


What's new in Terabits?  Courtesy of official analyst partner Current Analysis, please download Rick Talbot's "Terabit Roundup"

Here are some of the comments made by delegates at the event:

“Really enjoyed it – very useful both in terms of the quality of the presentations and meeting / networking with the wide selection and number of attendees.” BT

"No other event gives such a comprehensive view of the current state of Terabit Optical transport – from products you can buy today to the leading edge of research and development" – 
Everything Everywhere

"My colleagues should attend next year!"

"Very interesting for the engineer and the manager who need to make decisions about new networks" – 

"Best venue I’ve been to for an event in years" – Everything Everywhere

"Saw the real equipment and NMS of the main vendors all on one place – not easy to get both trucks and demos to an event" – 
Everything Everywhere

"Very well organised with many interesting presentations and good business networking" – Ericsson

"Very good focused content" – 

"All the main vendors represented" – Tunisiana

"Great – focused and interesting debates!"

"It was great – my colleagues should definitely attend" – Orion

"Worth the trip!" – Swisscom

"Good to hear fresh ideas" – Current Analysis

"Very focused look at high capacity network technology and business issues" – Ovum