Terabit Optical & Data Networking 2012 - Post Event Report

A solid core of Carrier delegates convened for the second Terabit Optical & Data Networking conference in Cannes, together with the very first Executive Forum Europe and met with many focused colleagues from around the world, representing over 60 companies.



This second Terabits conference was very well supported by the 100G market leaders and Layer123 thanks all Founding Sponsors and delegates for making a positive step, investing in the success of this event, spending their time here and taking a lead in this important marketplace.  We thank everyone for their very positive feedback, some of which is quoted here.





Layer123 places a strong focus on interesting agendas and speakers with a combination of wide and deep viewpoints, with insight from the top of their field.  We thank all the speakers, who are respected experts and leaders in their fields, and to other delegates and guests, all of whom travelled from UK, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, USA and other locations throughout the world to participate.




Layer123 prides itself on creating professional meeting fora that are relaxed, yet buzzing with ideas and a purposeful air - thanks to the expertise and enthusiasm of the delegates themselves.  We look forward already to Terabit Optical & Data Networking 2013 - see you there!