Meet our Speakers at Terabit Optical Networking 2011





Mr. Mark Lum
Co-Founder & Market Lead, Layer123


Speakers at Terabits comprise a high concentration of CTOs and senior speakers from carriers and the industry. I think, as figureheads for their companies, this is a mark of the importance they attach to the subject of Terabit Optical: these are the companies and individuals taking this market forwards.

“Don’t expect a “show-and-tell” from these speakers: we expect active engagement by all delegates. The level of speakers and organisations supporting and participating at Terabits means that we will debate not only today’s networks, but collectively steer the industry’s evolution and development from 10G to 100G and Towards Terabits.”

So CTOs... yes! – but we welcome all our respected speakers and industry activists to this inaugural European forum, filling the gap between R&D and carrier production networks, accelerating technology and advanced systems into commercial deployment.



Mr. Ghani Abbas
Board Member, OIF


International Standards Manager, Ericsson


Ghani Abbas has spent over twenty years in the SDH and Optical Networks business, initially with GPT, Marconi and recently with Ericsson, UK.

He is currently international standards Consultant in the Optical Networks product strategy department. He previously held various engineering development and management posts. Ghani is currently the Rapporteur for ITU-T SG15 Q.9, which develops standards for transport network equipment and network protection and restoration and is an active member of IEEE 802.3, OIF and ITU-T SG15.

Ghani received B.Sc (Honours) degree from Manchester University in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D degree in Electronics from Southampton University, UK.



Mr. Steve Alexander
VP & CTO, Ciena


With more than 20 years of telecom experience, Steve Alexander is currently serving as Ciena’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Products and Technology.

He has held a number of positions since joining the Company in 1994, including General Manager of Ciena's Transport & Switching and Data Networking business units, Vice President of Transport Products and Director of Lightwave Systems.

From 1982 until joining Ciena, Steve was employed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he last held the position of Assistant Leader of the Optical Communications Technology Group. He is a member of the Federal Communications Commission Technological Advisory Council, has served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Lightwave Technology and was a General Chair of the conference on Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) in 1997.

Steve received both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.




Mr. Guylain Barlow
Senior Manager, Product Line Management, JDSU


Guylain Barlow has been involved in the telecom industry for the past 22 years. For the past 10 years, his main focus has been in test & measurement product management.

His experience includes roles in telecom, datacom, voice, and optical communications. His current area of focus is high-speed testing primarily at 40 and 100Gb/s.



Mr. Geoff Bennett
Director, Solutions & Technology, Infinera


Geoff Bennett is the Director of Solutions & Technology for Infinera, a manufacturer of Digital ROADM next generation transport network switches

He has over 20 years of experience in the data communications industry, including IP routing with Proteon and Wellfleet; ATM and MPLS experience with FORE Systems; and optical transmission and switching experience with Marconi, where he held the position of Distinguished Engineer in the CTO Office. Geoff is a frequent conference speaker, and is the author of “Designing TCP/IP Internetworks”, published by VNR.



Dr. Ralf-Peter Braun
Senior Project Manager, Deutsche Telekom


Dr. Ralf-Peter Braun is Senior Project Manager at Deutsche Telekom AG, Laboratories, leading R&D projects for next generation networks.

He received his MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University Berlin, Germany, in 1985 and 1995, respectively. He has more than 20 years of research and industry experience on optical transmission systems and network architectures.

After 14 years of advanced research work at the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Berlin, Germany, he joined the Deutsche Telekom AG in 1997. He is engaged in the topics of network architecture, technology, service, control, and standardization. He is a member of VDE, ITG, IEEE 802.3 working group, and MEF.



Dr. Aref Chowdhury
Corporate CTO Optics, Alcatel-Lucent


Aref Chowdhury is the Corporate CTO Optics of Alcatel-Lucent.

He received the Bachelor of Engineering degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1994 with a double major in electrical engineering and applied mathematics and statistics, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2001. From 1995 to 1997, he worked as a Senior Engineer for Alcatel CIT where his responsibilities included the testing, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of Alcatel switching systems in Bangladesh.

After receiving his Ph.D. degree, he joined the Optical Physics Research Department of Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey, as a Member of Technical Staff in 2001. He pursued research in the areas of non-linear optics, negative refractive index metamaterials, and optical fibre communication with emphasis on optical phase conjugation, wavelength conversion, and realisation of non-linear effects in novel materials.

From April 2008 to August 2010, he served as Senior Manager in the Business Development Department of Intellectual Property and Standards. In September 2010, he was appointed as the CTO Advisor on Optical Technologies, and in January 2011, he was appointed to his current position as Corporate CTO Optics. Among his awards, he received the Massachusetts Institute of Technology TR100 Young Innovator Award in 2004.



Mr. Bertrand Clesca
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Xtera Communications


Bertrand Clesca is VP Strategic Marketing & Business Development for Xtera and has over twenty years experience in the optical telecommunications industry having held a number of research, engineering, and marketing positions in both small and large organisations, including Alcatel Group and the US start-up Corvis.

Bertrand joined Xtera in 2004 where his responsibilities included marketing in EMEA region, customer interactions, sales activities, partnership agreements, and business development. He holds an MSc in Physics and Optical Engineering, an MSc in Telecommunications, and an MBA.



Ms. Dana Cooperson
VP & Practice Leader Network Infrastructure, Ovum


Dana Cooperson is responsible for managing Ovum's networks research advisory and consulting services, which comprise broadband access; switching/routing; optical transport; mobile infrastructure; and carrier/vendor financials.

Recent custom research projects have covered mobile network traffic management and optimization; test outsourcing in the mobile ecosystem; software product opportunities in ON; green networking; GPON opportunity analysis; Ethernet services opportunity analysis; and network architecture’s impact on power consumption.

Dana brings 15 years of telecoms vendor and service provider experience to her 11 years as an industry analyst. Prior to joining RHK/Ovum, she was a marketing manager for Tektronix, where she managed WDM/SONET/SDH test and measurement products. Before Tektronix, Dana managed MX3 and SONET products at Telco Systems.

She began her career as a network engineer at NYNEX (now Verizon Communications) in New York City. She was awarded an M.S. in Management from MIT and a B.S. in Engineering from Cornell University.



Dr. Jean-Paul Faure
Senior Product Line Manager, Alcatel-Lucent


Jean-Paul Faure obtained a master degree in laser physics from the university of Paris XI Orsay in 1992, and a Ph.D in applied physics from the university of Paris VI in 1998 for his work on non-linear optical imaging in quadratic crystals.

He was enrolled by Alcatel Corporate Research Centre in 1999 as research engineer to work on optical switching technologies and photonic node architectures. In 2001, he joined Alcatel’s Optics Division and was involved in the development of multi-reach transmission platforms, line design and advanced ROADM architectures.

Since 2007, he is acting as Product Line Manager at Alcatel-Lucent for WDM terrestrial products, with a particular focus on ultra-high bit rate transmission strategy (40Gbs, 100Gbs and beyond).

A member of the Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy, he received the Bell Labs President’s Award in 2010 for his involvement in the 100Gb/s Coherent interface innovation and demonstrated business impact. He is also author and co-author of 12 patents and several international publications.



Dr. Mike Frankel
Director Transport Technology, Ciena


Michael Frankel is currently Senior Advisor, Network Technology in Ciena’s CTO office. He is responsible for setting the strategic direction for Ciena’s DWDM transmission architectures and systems. Specifically, addressing graceful scaling of dynamic network capacity, and reducing overall costs and complexity.

Prior to this position, he was Director of Lightwave Systems Department at Ciena, working on DWDM transport system design and development of network modelling and optimisation tools. Before joining Ciena in 1998, Michael spent 7 years at the Department of Defense Naval Research Laboratory. He developed fibre-optic systems for a variety of Navy applications, including antenna remoting, optical sensing, Radar, Electronic Warfare, etc.

He has over 60 publications and 50 granted and pending patents in various areas. A senior member of IEEE, Michael received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and Optics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.



Mr. Lorenzo Ghioni
Manager, Product Line Management, Cisco


Lorenzo Ghioni has over 12 years experience in telecommunications product management, mainly focused on DWDM. Working with Cisco since 2000, he has been involved with Long Haul and Extended Long Haul products and has been focused on Flexible and Integrated transport networks for the last 8 years.

Currently following Product Management activities for DWDM solutions, Lorenzo has been part, since the beginning, of the core team of people developing DWDM transport functionalities and ROADM solutions for ONS 15454 MSTP inside Cisco Optical Networking team.

Based in Monza, Italy, Lorenzo obtained his bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from “Politecnico di Milano” university and joined Pirelli Optical System as Product Line Manager in 1999. He holds multiple patents in the optical transport field.



Dr. Christoph Glingener
CTO, ADVA Optical Networking


Christoph Glingener joined ADVA Optical Networking in April 2006, assuming responsibility for all global research and development activities at sites in Europe, the United States and China. In 2007, Christoph was appointed CTO.

Since that time, he also leads ADVA’s product management and strategic materials management teams. Christoph has focused on streamlining ADVA's innovative product portfolio, defining the product strategy and building the Company's standing as a global leader in optical networking.

Christoph's activities at ADVA Optical Networking build on a long and successful industry career with experience gained in both academic and corporate roles. These include leading positions at Marconi Communications (now Ericsson) and Siemens Communications (now Nokia Siemens Networks).



Mr. Jari Grönblom
Director, Strategic Planning, IP Production, Broadband Service, TeliaSonera


Jari Grönblom is currently working as the Head of Strategic Planning in Networks for TeliaSonera Broadband Technology Solutions. His main responsibility lies on the Production Strategy for Optical and IP based network production and services in TeliaSonera and he has held this role for the past year

Jari has experience in various areas in telecommunications. To name a few, he was responsible for several years for global Network Operations in TeliaSonera Broadband IP network, and prior to that had planning responsibilities of the group’s international networks.

Jari holds an M.Sc. degree from Helsinki University of Technology in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering, and has over ten years of working experience in the field of international telecommunications. He is married with one child and spends most of his time at the Helsinki TeliaSonera office.



Dr. Matthias Gunkel
Senior Network Architect, Deutsche Telekom


Dr. Gunkel joined T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom (DT), in 1999. Now he is with the Strategy & Architecture department attributed to the DT headquarters.

He is responsible for high-speed optical transport technology and future transport network architectures within the entire DT group. Currently he cares for the near-future optical transport network (OTN) design, ROADM functionalities and architectures as well as their operational impacts.

He leads DT-internal strategic activities on how to evolve towards a flexible all-optical L1/L2 network capable to transport, switch and groom various high-bitrate traffic types, especially beyond 100G. He was involved in various European and national founded research projects over the last years (amongst others Nobel, Nobel-II, Diconet, KomNet, Eibone, MultiTeraNet, Strongest), partly leading the DT contributing parts.



Ms. Andrea Heckwolf
Network Development & Evolution, Deutsche Telekom


Andrea Heckwolf has been working at Deutsche Telekom in Darmstadt for more than 30 years.

Within the last 10 years she worked in the area of network planning and deployment. Currently her main responsibility is the evolution and design of the Deutsche Telekom nationwide SDH Network Platform. She is in charge of techno-economic studies concerning optical networks, including IP over DWDM, SDH and Gigabit Ethernet.



Dr. JP Hemingway
Chief Technologist EMEA, Ciena


John-Paul Hemingway was appointed as Chief Technologist for Ciena EMEA in October 2006. Working closely with Ciena’s Chief Technology Officer, he is responsible for guiding future product development in Europe as well as ensuring that Ciena’s solutions meet the specific requirements of customers across the EMEA region.

John-Paul first joined Ciena in 2001. He spent five years working within and Managing the Systems Engineering department, focusing largely on designing next generation network solutions for customers across Europe. Prior to joining Ciena, John-Paul worked for BICC/Corning Cables and Netscient in fibre research and network design software roles.



Mr. Ron Johnson
Director, Product Line Management, Cisco


Ron Johnson manages all of Cisco’s optical products. He has held this position for 3 years and has worked with Cisco’s optical group for more than 10 years. He holds multiple patents related to Cisco’s ROADM product offerings. Ron’s team is responsible for recent innovation and integration in DWDM, Packet and TDM technologies.

Ron has been in telecom for the last 16 years. Starting out in Pacific Bell/SBC where he obtained a large carrier operational perspective that has found its way into Cisco’s optical portfolio.



Mr. Robert Jones
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Layer123


Robert has 10 years experience in event organisation at Informa/IIR and has spent the last 6 years exclusively building the World’s leading Optical, Ethernet and Transport Networking live events business.

Robert has drawn together senior professionals with both events and industry backgrounds to build a unique business information platform.



Mr. Jim Jones
President, OIF


Marketing Manager – Optics Transport Applications, Alcatel-Lucent


Jim Jones joined Alcatel-Lucent in 1999 and is currently Optics Transport Applications Marketing Manager. In this role Jim develops and supports global marketing and sales of cross-product optical transport solutions, leading a virtual team of product managers, marketing, CTO, network architects, and regional solutions and marketing members. His team focuses on intelligent optical solutions enabled by innovations in control plane and cross-layer automation.

Jim is active in standardization work and has contributed to control plane standards and interoperability work in OIF, ITU-T and IETF. He chaired the OIF Architecture/Signaling Working Group from 2001 to 2004 and the OIF Technical Committee from 2004 to 2007.

Before joining Alcatel-Lucent, Jim was a Senior Member of Technical Staff with Texas Instruments and Raytheon from 1978 to 1999, developing real-time signal processing and RF systems. He received his BSEE and MSEE from the University of Michigan, and his MS in Telecommunications from Southern Methodist University.



Mr. Martin Kingston
Principal Designer, Everything Everywhere


Martin Kingston has over 20 years experience in communications covering broadcast, fixed, mobile and internet services, and the transmission and transport technologies that underpin them. He has been pursuing transport network convergence for the last ten years, firstly in the Orange mobile network, then with the addition of Orange Broadband, and now in Everything Everywhere (the combined Orange and T-Mobile UK networks).

Starting at the lowest layers of the network and working up, he has delivered transport convergence solutions using DWDM, SDH, ATM, MPLS, Ethernet and IP technologies and turned the stack on its head with Pseudowire technology. He is also active in the field of synchronisation in next generation transport networks.



Mr. Lars Lange Bjørn
Manager, Optical Network Department, NORDUnet


Lars Lange Bjørn is Optical Network Manager at NORDUnet and responsible for implementation, network planning and maintenance of NORDUnet’s DWDM network.

Since 2000, Lars has worked with SDH, DWDM and the associated management systems, holding different positions; operational engineer, system engineer, project manager and system administrator. He has worked at both green field operators as well as incumbents and holds a M.Sc in engineering from Department of Communications, Optics & Materials at the Technical University of Denmark.



Mr. Per Larsson
Senior Network Architect, TDC


Per Larsson joined TDC in 2001, and currently holds a position as senior network architect at TDC Capacity & planning department, with focus on optical & transmission, mainly DWDM and SDH platforms.

Per started his work in carrier networks in the mid 80’s, with a focus on X.25, Frame Relay and ATM. Planning, building and network operation/management were the main topics.

Since 1997 he focused on optical & transmission platforms as DWDM and SDH. Particularly the main topics of development, planning, network operation/management and cost analysis, in both international and regional areas.

With his broad experience, Per is today active in the development and planning of TDC’s Optical & transmission networks in the Scandinavian and European region.



Mr. Emmanuel Lebel
Senior Network Transport Specialist, ORION


Emmanuel Lebel joined the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) in 2006 and currently holds the position of Senior Network Transport Engineer.

He is primarily responsible for managing the optical transport layer and as such, is currently leading the project of upgrading ORION’s antiquated DWDM transport system to a high-performance ROADM-based system from Alcatel-Lucent. As part of this project, ORION successfully turned up the first production single-carrier 100G long-haul circuit in Canada on 9 March, 2011.

Prior to joining ORION, Emmanuel has worked for four years as a Network Engineer for the University of Buckingham (UK), and held various IT Technical positions for seven years in France. He holds a Master’s degree in ICT, Network Administration and Security from the University of Montpellier II.



Mr. Massimo Leo
Director of Product Marketing, Optics Division, Alcatel-Lucent


Massimo Leo currently holds the position of Product Marketing Director for Alcatel-Lucent’s Optics Division in Vimercate, Italy. He has worldwide responsibility for marketing and positioning for the global Optics product portfolio, including photonic systems, optical cross-connects and multi-service packet transport aggregation platforms.

Prior to his current position, Massimo was Product Marketing responsible for the portfolio of optical aggregation products at former Alcatel’s Optical Networks Division, with focus on technologies such as SDH, Carrier Ethernet and MPLS.

He started his professional career in 1991 as software developer for transmission network management at Marconi in Italy.

In 1996 he joined Alcatel’s optical networking activities in Germany with responsibility for technical validation and integration for SDH networks. In 2000 he held the position of sales manager for cross-connect systems. In 2001 he moved back to Italy at Alcatel’s Optical Networks Division headquarters in Vimercate, where he was Product Promotion manager for the SDH portfolio.

Massimo holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Genoa, Italy.



Mr. John Malamoutsis
Product Manager, Transoceanic Services European Markets, Level 3 Communications


John Malamoutsis is the Product manager responsible for Level 3’s submarine product portfolio.

Prior to joining Level 3, he spent over two years at THUS plc. John joined THUS in 2006 and participated in Core Network Design, Product management and Sales Engineering activities.

In 2009 John joined Level 3’s Sales Engineering team supporting the core Transport and HSIP product portfolio. He was Level 3’s Product Technical Specialist for European and transatlantic low latency connectivity and was involved in significant sales success through his in-depth knowledge of Level 3’s network assets. This knowledge and experience enabled a seamless transition into Level 3’s Product management team in September 2010.



Mr. Sten Nordell
Chief Technical Officer, Transmode


Sten Nordell joined Transmode in January 2009 as Chief Technology Officer.

Sten brings valuable experience to Transmode from his senior management positions in both the operator and supplier segments and with organisations ranging from Start-ups to large multinationals. His latest position was as CCO (Chief Convergence Officer) at Telenor Sweden, which succeeded his role as VP Networks and Platform Strategy at the Telenor Group.

Prior to these roles, Sten was CTO at Utfors AB, Director of Business & Technology Strategy EMEA of Nortel Networks and CTO of Bay Networks Internet and Telecom division in EMEA.



Mr. Piergiorgio Pagnan
Optical Transport Engineering, Telecom Italia


Piergiorgio Pagnan works in Telecom Italia and is responsible for Optical Transport Network Engineering. He has been working in the area of optical communications for more than 10 years. His main areas of interest are DWDM long Haul, WDM Metro, CWDM and GMPLS/ASON networks. He’s author of many articles in the area of optical communications.

He started his professional career in 1995 joining the Optical R&D department at Ericsson in Italy. In the same year he joined Telecom Italia R&D department working on access technology (copper, radio and fiber). In 1997 he started to work with the Engineering group on transport technologies.

Piergiorgio holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome, Italy.



Mr. Pierre-André Rulmont
Chief Technology Officer, BICS


As Chief Technology Officer, Pierre-André Rulmont provides technological vision and leadership in the development and implementation of the company-wide information technology program. As innovation is key in the telecom's business, this role also includes a strong innovation responsibility to ensure competitiveness of the network and the operating environment.

Pierre-André started his career at BICS where he held several positions including Director Service Engineering & Operations and Director of Engineering & Innovation, and has built up an extensive experience in the engineering of the international telecom business. Prior to BICS, Pierre-André has been Manager Business Operations at Level 3 Communications and Product Marketing Manager at WorldCom, where he highly contributed to the development of the voice services and turned out to be the driving force in the development of the accompanying IT systems.

He graduated as a Civil Engineer at the University of Liège and holds also a Master of Science in Industrial Robotics from the Cranfield Institute of Technology in the UK.



Mr. Roberto Sabatino


Roberto Sabatino joined DANTE in July 1997 and since 2002 he is Chief Technical Officer.

Roberto has a degree in Computer Science (Italian Laurea) from the University of Turin and prior to joining DANTE he worked for two years at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory as a Research Associate. Prior to that, he worked in Italy in the telecommunications industry and at the University of Turin.



Mr. Jonathan Sadler
Technical Committee Chair and ITU-T & IETF Liaison, OIF


Senior Product Planner, Optical Network Group, Tellabs


Jonathan Sadler is a Senior Product Planner in the Optical Network Group at Tellabs.

With over 20 years of data communications experience as a protocol implementer, network element designer, carrier network operations manager, and carrier network planner, Jonathan brings a broad set of knowledge and experiences to the design and analysis of carrier network technology.

Currently, Jonathan is involved in the development of technologies providing the efficient transport of packet oriented services in Carrier Networks. He is the Chairman of the Optical Internetworking Forum's Technical Committee and an active participant in the IETF and ITU. Jonathan studied Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.



Mr. Michael Sedlick
Director, Terrestrial Optics Portfolio Management, Alcatel-Lucent


Michael Sedlick is Director, Portfolio Management for the Terrestrial Unit of Alcatel-Lucent’s Optics activity.

He has over 18 years of professional experience at Alcatel-Lucent and Alcatel, working in Optical and Enterprise groups.

Michael held positions in R&D, Product Line management, and Business Development.

Over the course of his career, Michael has developed expertise in Optical and Data Transmission solutions for both service providers and enterprise customers.



Dr. Kevin Smith
Network Technology Specialist, BT


Kevin Smith graduated from Oxford University in 1980 with a BA degree in Physics. He gained a Ph.D from Imperial College, London. Following post-doctoral and lectureship positions, he joined AT&T Bell Labs to research and develop high-speed optical transmission systems.

In 1989 he joined BT to lead the development of new optical systems and techniques. During his time at BT, Kevin has led teams providing specialist technical consultancy, technology Proof of Concept evaluations and trials for the BT Group across a range of advanced IP, Ethernet and Optical networking technologies.



Mr. Rick Talbot
Senior Analyst, Optical Infrastructure, Current Analysis


Rick brings more than 25 years of experience to Current Analysis clients as a technology and marketing analyst in the telecommunications industry. As Senior Analyst, Transport and Routing Infrastructure, Rick primarily focuses on tracking, analysing and reporting on developments that impact the metro, and long-haul optical infrastructure market. His areas of coverage include the companies, technologies and strategies related to the market for WDM-based access, switching, optical add/drop and PON products.

Rick has served with network operators, equipment vendors and the government. He has held product marketing, product management and strategic planning positions at NEC Corporation of America, PacketLight Networks, Ciena Corporation and Alcatel Network Systems. He has held engineering, network planning and marketing positions at Broadwing Communications, WilTel, National Datacom and Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. He was also a policy analyst for the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Rick holds an MBA degree from Southern Methodist University and a bachelor of engineering science degree from Trinity University. He is a registered professional engineer in the State of Texas and a senior member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers.



Mr. Alberto Valsecchi
Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Alcatel-Lucent


Alberto Valsecchi leads Marketing & Communications for the Optics activities within the Networks Group, covering the optical networking and wireless transmission product portfolio.

Prior to these appointments, Alberto was in charge of Business Development and Global Support for the Wireless Transmission Division within the Wireless Business Group, providing technical, marketing and commercial support to the global sales forces.

Alberto joined Alcatel Italia in 1990 holding several positions, from R&D and Product Strategy within the Transmission Systems Division to Strategic and Operational Marketing for Italian and international markets. He also had professional experiences outside Alcatel, from 1996 to 2000, in the end-user services market.

Alberto holds a University degree in Electronic Engineering and a degree in Business Administration, both from “Politecnico di Milano.



Mr. Ramesh Vasudevan
Senior Manager Architecture and Technology, SFR


Ramesh Vasudevan is a seasoned telecom professional with many years of experience in transport networks. He joined SFR in 2002 where he has been working in the area of Network Architecture and Technology Evaluation.

He’s currently working on the evolution of the Fixed+ Mobile Transport Network and is responsible for defining the target transport architecture including the evolution path and evaluating the Next-gen Optical and Packet systems options. He was previously involved in the definition of the mobile core transport backbone and the IP evolution path of the mobile backhaul.

Ramesh has also addressed various network topics such as the definition of a Network Energy Efficiency program in the frame of the sustainable development policy.

Prior to SFR, Ramesh worked for MCI-WorldCom where he held different positions in network architecture and engineering for the Pan-European network development. He has also consulted for various fixed and cellular operators. His initial experience was at Alcatel in the development of transport systems.



Mr. Maarten Vissers
Technical Director, Huawei Technologies


Maarten Vissers is a technical director in the Europe R&D Centre of Huawei Technologies since April 2008. He is responsible for the technical aspects of the multi-service evolution of the optical transport network and evolution of the multiple packet transport technologies towards one global multi-technology packet transport network. He holds a masters degree in Electrical Engineering, digital systems from the Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands obtained in 1982.

Prior to joining Huawei Technologies Maarten worked at Philips Telecommunication Industry, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Alcatel and Alcatel-Lucent where he designed integrated circuits for PDH systems, was a system engineer and architect for SDH systems, championed the development and use of common requirements and architectures as a cross product systems engineer, led the development of the OTN specifications as a transport network architect, initiated Ethernet over Transport network standardisation within ITU-T and promoted the development of architecture, equipment, protection switching, OAM and NNI specifications for a world wide packet transport network.

Since 1991 he actively contributed to PDH, SDH, ATM, OTN, ASON, T-MPLS/MPLS-TP and Ethernet standards development in ITU-T, ETSI, IEEE 802.1, IETF and MEF. He is an expert in functional modelling, fault management, performance monitoring, protection switching, overhead and OAM for connection monitoring and network node interface specifications. He is the editor of a number of OTN, MPLS-TP and Ethernet standards in ITU-T and has been the editor of multiple SDH standards in ETSI and ITU-T.



Mr. Leigh Wade
Director of Field Marketing, Infinera


Leigh Wade joined Infinera in 2005. Previously he held positions in Sales Engineering at Calient and Corvis where he was responsible for the design of Optical and GMPLS based solutions into various service provider market segments.

Prior to that he was at Cisco Systems from 1996 to 2000 where he held Engineering and Consulting positions focused on the service provider market.

Leigh earned his B.Eng from UCE Birmingham and an MBA from Kingston University and has 25 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry.