Speakers - Packet-Optical Transport Networking 2010





Mr. Mark Lum
Co-Founder & Market Lead, Layer123


Mark is a well known and widely respected consulting analyst with many years of experience in optical, packet, Ethernet and access technology markets.

Clients, associates and many in the industry know he takes care to stay on top of fundamental trends and disruptions, and examines new developments with a careful eye.




Mr. Loa Andersson
MPLS-WG co-chair, IETF


Senior Strategy and Standards, Ericsson


Loa Andersson is co-chair of the IETF MPLS-WG working group and works as senior strategy and standards advisor at Ericsson.

Previously, Loa was the Principal Networking Architect at the Swedish Research Institute, Acreo AB and led architectural, requirement and test activity for MultiService Metro Networks in the Nordic region.

He has provided leadership in architectural development and product specification at several networking companies and is also co-author of key MPLS, L2VPN, L3VPN and GMPLS specifications and is a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).



Mr. Carlo Cavazzoni
Project Manager, Transport & OPB Innovation, Telecom Italia


Carlo Cavazzoni has been working at Telecom Italia Lab since 1994.

He has been involved in several European Projects on Optical Networking as IST LION “Layers Interworking in Optical Networks”, NOBEL “Next generation Optical network for Broadband European Leadership”, NOBEL phase 2 and MUPBED “Multi-Partner European Test beds for Research Networking”, coordinating the definition and experimental evaluation of innovative network solutions and technologies for intelligent and flexible optical networks.

During the last years he has been mainly involved in the definition of the architecture and the experimental evaluation of innovative Packet Transport technologies for their introduction in Telecom Italia transport network.



Mr. Luc Ceuppens
VP Product Marketing, Infrastructure Product Group, Juniper Networks


Luc Ceuppens is responsible for product marketing, technical marketing and competitive intelligence at Juniper Networks.

With more than 25 years of international experience in sales and marketing of high-tech products and services, he has a proven track record in defining, marketing and executing product strategies and business partnerships in highly-competitive markets.

Prior to joining Juniper, Luc held senior positions with Solectron Corp, StrataLight Communications, Calient Networks, Level 3 Communications and WorldCom (MFS/UUNET).



Mr. Claudio Coltro
Senior Director, Marketing Portfolio Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent


Claudio Coltro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1960 and graduated from the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional with an Automatic Control Electronic Engineering Degree in1985.

After working in Argentina, Brasil, Australia and England in various private data networks design and R&D projects, Claudio joined Alcatel in Australia for the development of SDH systems in 1990 and later was transferred to Italy, continuing with system design, standardization and network architectural activities in SDH/WDM technologies.

From there Claudio has held several management posts in Network View and Network Strategy functions within Alcatel.

In 2002 he moved to Shanghai and appointed Senior Director for Business Development in APAC.

Since 2009, Claudio looks after Portfolio Strategy in the Marketing and Communication department.



Mr. Sultan Dawood
Board of Directors and Vice Chair, Marketing Committee, The Broadband Forum


Senior Marketing Manager, Cisco


Sultan Dawood is a Sr. Marketing Manager at Cisco Systems focused on IP/MPLS and Packet Transport technologies and solutions. Sultan has accumulated over 15 years experience in the telecom and data networking industry and has held various senior level positions in product management, product marketing, engineering and business development.

Prior to Cisco Systems, Sultan held various senior positions at Hammerhead Systems, Motorola, 3COM, ADC Telecommunications and Litton Systems. Sultan has worked very closely with service providers and enterprise customers helping them build their network infrastructures while introducing new technologies to them. Sultan has worked with various Layer 2/3 technologies such as ATM, Frame Relay, Ethernet and IP/MPLS.

Sultan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.



Dr. John Dunne
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Intune Networks


John Dunne co-founded Intune in 1999 with Tom Farrell following EU-funded research work at University College Dublin.

He has a first class honours electronics degree and a Ph.D. in the field of tunable lasers from UCD and has spent his career working on the application of these devices into telecommunications systems. He is a co-inventor of some of Intune's core intellectual property on network systems and is published internationally in the field of optoelectronics.

Since founding the company, John has been responsible for the commercial vision of how Intune's core technology could be applied into the telecom market. His current role includes working with technology strategy leaders of network operators and network users to roll out Intune's tunable network innovation. He is a regular invited speaker at conferences on innovation, network technology and the future trends in the communications industry. He leads all research programs at Intune.



Dr. Luyuan Fang
Principal Engineer, Cisco


Ambassador, The Broadband Forum


Luyuan Fang has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunication industry. Since 2000, Luyuan has worked extensively in IP/MPLS architecture design and engineering. She was one of the first lead architects in AT&T’s IP MPLS and VPN deployments and is currently a Senior Product Manager at Cisco Systems focused on MPLS and Carrier Ethernet solutions.

Luyuan is actively engaged in the IETF where she has co-authored 9 RFCs and several active Internet Drafts focused on MPLS, L2/L3 VPNs, MPLS-Traffic Engineering (MPLS-TE) and MPLS-TP. Additionally, she has over 90 technical publications, including IEEE articles, conference papers and industrial speeches.

Luyuan is also an active member on behalf of Cisco at the Broadband Forum whereby she has participated in the development of several standards and technical tutorials which she has delivered over the years at key industry conferences and seminars.

Luyuan received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Flinders University of South Australia in 1991.



Mr. Hans-Martin Foisel
Carrier Working Group Chair, OIF


Senior Project Manager, Deutsche Telekom


Hans-Martin Foisel joined the Optical Internetworking Forum (www.oiforum.com) in 1998, and has served as president 2007-2010 and is Carrier Working Group Chair since 2002. In these roles he was involved in the developments of multi-domain, multi-layer networking solutions as well as 100G technologies and systems.

At Deutsche Telekom he is Head of Hybrid Network Technology in the Fixed Mobile Engineering Germany Department. His main activities comprise intelligent optical networks, optical access networks and their basic infrastructure elements and systems.

He has more than 30 years of experience in optical telecommunication R&D, design, architecture and technology including prior roles at Heinrich-Hertz-Institute in Berlin.



Mr. Matthias Fricke
Planning, Network Development & Evolution, Deutsche Telekom


Matthias Fricke has been working at Deutsche Telekom in Darmstadt for more than 15 years in the area of "Network development and evolution".

Currently his main responsibility is the evolution and design of the Deutsche Telekom's nationwide packet based transport. He is in charge of techno-economics studies concerning Packet-optical transport systems.



Mr. Patrick George
SVP Marketing & Product Management, BICS


Patrick George is the head of the Marketing & Product Management organisation and member of the Management Team within BICS. Prior to that, he was Director International Transmission Network of BICS being in charge of Engineering, Operations and Worldwide field Operations where he deployed the first Pan European Next Gen Optical Backbone.

Prior to BICS, Patrick was Senior Sales & Account Director at Mach, the leading clearing house worldwide. Before that , Patrick was the head of the Mobile Market Development at GTS-Ebone and was responsible for establishing Ebone as a key market player in the mobile data arena. In the late 1990s, Patrick held different management positions within the product and marketing departments at Belgacom and WIN. He began his career as a research engineer for the research and development team of Belgacom.

Patrick graduated as a Civil Engineer in Computer Science from the University of Liège and studied marketing at Insead, Fontainebleau.



Ms. Eve Griliches
Managing Partner, ACG Research


Using extensive experience in product management in the technology industry as her foundation, managing partner Eve Griliches brings to ACG a demonstrated analytical talent bolstered by years of hands-on experience in the telecommunications industry.

Her analytical acumen, expertise and experience in the telecom field as well as her strong management skills have made her a highly credible voice in the industry. She is respected worldwide for her market share reporting and forecasting for the networking and telecommunications industries and organizations. With her combination of strategic marketing and analytical experiences, Eve will use her tactical communication expertise as well as her comprehensive understanding of IP technology to focus on data center and cloud computing.

Eve, who has a reputation for delivering accurate and timely market information, leveraging advanced technology and staying focused on client care and customer service, spent five years at IDC as Program Director for the Telecommunications Equipment group. She provided in-depth insight and analysis on many of the key technologies in the telecom market. Ms. Griliches also provided critical business intelligence on emerging technology trends and their impact on the overall telecom market space.

Eve also has over 10 years of product management experience with a number of network equipment vendors. Those vendors include: Marconi (Ericsson), PhotonEx, Nortel Networks, Bay Networks, and Wellfleet. Additionally, she spent four years at Thinking Machines Corporation, one of the first parallel processing supercomputer companies.



Ms. Andrea Heckwolf
Network Development & Evolution, Deutsche Telekom


Andrea Heckwolf has been working at Deutsche Telekom in Darmstadt for more than 30 years.

Within the last 10 years she worked in the area of network planning and deployment. Currently her main responsibility is the evolution and design of the Deutsche Telekom nationwide SDH Network Platform. She is in charge of techno-economic studies concerning optical networks, including IP over DWDM, SDH and Gigabit Ethernet.



Mr. Robert Jones
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Layer123


Robert is a highly trained and experienced research engineer with two published patents in the field of process engineering.

Having left the engineering world to use latent skills in communication and management, Robert spent 10 years in the events business working for a global events organisation, during which time he developed an astute judgement of what will work commercially and how to meet customer expectations, launching and growing events that were highly successful in Europe, Asia and South America.

Robert’s ambition is to combine his training, experience and temperament as an engineer and events organiser, to deliver real value to the industry he has served for over a decade: telecommunication networking. By working closely with organisations such as The Broadband Forum, The OIF and others, Robert’s goal is to support innovation and knowledge exchange within the industry through highly focused events, and associated services.

Robert has drawn together senior professionals with both events and industry backgrounds to build a unique business information platform.



Mr. Ulrich Kohn
Director Network Solutions - Fixed Broadband, Ericsson


Educated by the Technical University of Stuttgart, Ulrich Kohn began his professional career in 1987 at ANT (later Bosch Telecom Public Networks) in Backnang, Germany, as a research engineer on photonic transport systems. His successful work resulted in establishing a new product segment, for which he became responsible as Head of Development and Technical Sales.

In 1998 he was appointed Head of Business Development at Marconi’s Optical Networks group in Germany. His responsibility covered the comprehensive portfolio of wireline transport products. Three years later Ulrich Kohn was founding member of Marconi ONDATA, a high-tech Marconi spin-off; he headed the Business Development and Marketing organisation.

In 2003 Ulrich Kohn joined the Chief Technology Office and among others defined and implemented Marconi’s transport strategy for Mobile Network Operators.

After Ericsson acquired Marconi in early 2006 Ulrich Kohn held various leading Network Strategy positions. In early 2007 he was appointed Director Network Solutions and Marketing in CEMA (Central Europe, Middle East and Africa) market regions.



Mr. Massimo Leo
Director of Product Marketing, Optics Division, Alcatel-Lucent


Massimo Leo currently holds the position of Product Marketing Director for Alcatel-Lucent’s Optics Division in Vimercate, Italy. He has worldwide responsibility for marketing and positioning for the global Optics product portfolio, including photonic systems, optical cross-connects and multi-service packet transport aggregation platforms.

Prior to his current position, Massimo was Product Marketing responsible for the portfolio of optical aggregation products at former Alcatel’s Optical Networks Division, with focus on technologies such as SDH, Carrier Ethernet and MPLS.

He started his professional career in 1991 as software developer for transmission network management at Marconi in Italy.

In 1996 he joined Alcatel’s optical networking activities in Germany with responsibility for technical validation and integration for SDH networks. In 2000 he held the position of sales manager for cross-connect systems. In 2001 he moved back to Italy at Alcatel’s Optical Networks Division headquarters in Vimercate, where he was Product Promotion manager for the SDH portfolio.

Massimo holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Genoa, Italy.




Ms. Li Fang
Director Engineer, CATR




Dr. Arnold Mattheus
Senior Project Manager, Deutsche Telekom


Arnold Mattheus received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in 1987. Then he joined Deutsche Telekom and has been working for different divisions including the Technology Centre and T-Systems. Since June 2008 he is with Fixed Mobile Engineering Germany.

In the nineties he did mathematical analysis and numerical simulation on optical transport systems in conjunction with laboratory experiments and field trials. Part of this work was carried out in European R&D projects. His R&D work has been published in more than 100 articles in scientific magazines and in books on telecommunication. Since 2004 he gives lectures on “Optical Communications” for M.Sc. students at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt.

In 2000 he joined the ITU-T where he now serves as the Rapporteur of Q.7/15 “Characteristics of optical components and subsystems”. In parallel he coordinates DT’s standardization work on “Core and Metro Networks” in various standardization bodies. Besides that he is also engaged in international carrier-to-carrier collaboration for several years, as well as in DT’s projects on network evolution, in particular design, architecture and technology of the Optical Transport Network.



Mr. Robin Mersh
CEO, The Broadband Forum


Robin Mersh joined the Broadband Forum as Chief Operating Officer in July 2006, and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in July 2010.

Robin has authored many articles and has spoken at and chaired many broadband industry conferences and exhibitions. He has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 18 years, starting at Cable & Wireless and then moving on to BT before meeting his wife and moving to the US in 1999.

Robin has worked in business development and alliance management for various OSS software companies in the United States, mainly in network and service provisioning and activation, where he negotiated and managed several large OEM agreements. He is originally from Cambridge in the United Kingdom. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London in 1992.



Ms. Vanessa Nacamura
Vice Chair, International Development Committee, The Broadband Forum


Solution Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks


Vanessa Nacamura is part of the Solution Management Group of Nokia Siemens Networks, focused on development of multi-service network solutions.

Her previous experience includes product management in the area of transport networks, consulting & system integration for IPTV and optimization in the context of multi layer networks.

Vanessa holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Universidade de Sao Paulo, with specialization in Data Communication from Universidade de Pernambuco and vast experience in the area of Ethernet/IP networking, IPTV and photonics.



Mr. Bruno Orth
SVP Strategy and Architecture, Deutsche Telekom


Bruno Orth was born in July 1957 in Ludwigshafen, Germany. He received his de-gree in communications engineering from FH Kaiserslautern (Germany) in 1984. His professional career started in the area of ISDN.

Since 1985 he was responsible for various technology topics within Deutsche Bundespost and later at Deutsche Telekom AG. Bruno Orth was in charge of different strategic and technical concepts for access networks like narrowband FTTH and ADSL.

As member of International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) Study Groups 13 & 15 and as chairman of the Technical Committee 3 of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI TM3) he was involved in various activities to ensure indus-try wide standards for access and transmission architectures.

Since January 1st 2010, Bruno Orth is responsible for strategic questions in the area of network technology including international standardization and technology related IPR management.



Mr. Manuel Paul
Expert International Standardization, Deutsche Telekom


Manuel Paul is an expert in international standardization for Deutsche Telekom. He is active in corporate standardization activites for DT’s next generation network transformation in the IETF and the Broadband Forum. His current focus is on the evolution of MPLS and Mobile Backhauling. He is also involved in network strategy and R&D projects dealing with carrier grade packet transport, optical transport and packet optical integration.

Prior to his current position, Manuel was a research professional and technology consultant for T-Systems, where he was active in a broad range of projects concerning packet transport technologies and transmission systems, next generation network design and corporate R&D.




Mr. Andy Reid
Chief Network Services Strategist, BT


Andy Reid has worked in the telecoms industry for over 25 years with much of that time directly involved with the architecture and standards of transport networks.

Following his close involvement with the original SDH network architectural definition almost 20 years ago, Andy co-authored the seminal reference text “Transmission Networking: SONET and the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy”, together with Mike Sexton.

He is currently responsible for the strategy for transport networks within BT and is particularly concerned with the way the economics and regulation of transport networks meet the engineering aspects.



Mr. André Revnic
Head of Access & Transport Systems & Architecture, Bouygues Telecom


André Revnic is in charge of the Access & Transport Systems and the Transport Network Architecture within Bouygues Telecom.

Previously he was responsible for network planning, architecture, optimization and engineering rules. He brings 19 years of networking experience from vendors and service providers

His area of expertise spans transport equipment design within Philips and then Lucent-Bell Labs, system testing, sales support, optical transport network engineering and deployment, synchronisation network design and deployment, network planning and TMN (telecom management network) engineering.

During his previous position as manager of the optical transport network engineering, André has been instrumental in supporting the company’s steep traffic growth, resulting in setting a future-proof, flexible, reliable and scalable optical network.

André holds a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from the Polytechnic School of Bucharest, and an MBA from EDHEC-THESEUS in France.



Mr. Jorge Rodriguez
Senior Marketing Manager, Network Product Line, Huawei Technologies


Jorge is a seasoned telecoms professional with a proven track record in Optical Networks. Following a 13+ year career with Wandel & Goltermann (Acterna/JDSU) and Lucent Technologies, Jorge is Senior Marketing Manager in Huawei Technologies.

Currently Jorge is leading Huawei´s IP Backbone Solution (comprising both IP/MPLS Core routers and OTN/NGDWDM/GMPLS products) in charge of Roadmap Planning & Specifications. Before joining Solution Marketing Team Jorge was involved in Huawei´s EU Optical Marketing Team mainly focused on GMPLS/OTN/DWDM.

For Lucent Technologies, Jorge worked as Technical Manager within EMEA Technical Marketing and Technology & Solutions Groups. In his role Jorge has been working in Optical Networks mainly focused in ASON, Ethernet over SDH and DWDM technologies.

For Wandel & Goltermann Spain (Acterna) Jorge acted as Technical Sales Manager in charge of Presales and Training Dpts.

Jorge holds an M.S.C. Telecom (UPM, Spain) and a Master Degree in Marketing Management (ESIC, Spain)



Mr. Carsten Rossenhövel
Co-Chair, Mobile Backhaul Group, MEF


Managing Director, EANTC


Carsten Rossenhövel is Managing Director of EANTC AG (European Advanced Networking Test Center) an independent test lab in Berlin, Germany. EANTC offers vendor-neutral network test services for manufacturers, service providers, and enterprises.

In this role, Carsten is responsible for the design of test methods and applications. He heads EANTC's manufacturer testing, certification group and interoperability test events. He has over 15 years of experience in data networks and testing, and his areas of expertise include Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Carrier Ethernet, Triple Play, and Mobile Backhaul.

Carsten is one of the co-founders of EANTC AG. Before founding EANTC, he studied computer science at the Technical University of Berlin and worked as a consultant for banks, web service providers and computer hardware manufacturers.



Mr. Michael Sedlick
Director, Terrestrial Optics Portfolio Management, Alcatel-Lucent


Michael Sedlick is Director, Portfolio Management for the Terrestrial Unit of Alcatel-Lucent’s Optics activity.

He has over 18 years of professional experience at Alcatel-Lucent and Alcatel, working in Optical and Enterprise groups.

Michael held positions in R&D, Product Line management, and Business Development.

Over the course of his career, Michael has developed expertise in Optical and Data Transmission solutions for both service providers and enterprise customers.



Mr. Maurizio Severi
Senior Product Manager, PTN, Optics Division, Alcatel-Lucent


Maurizio Severi is Senior Product Manager of 1850 Transport Service Switch Product Line for the Terrestrial Unit of Alcatel-Lucent’s Optics activity.

Prior to this role, Maurizio held the position of Product Line Manager of Alcatel Multiservice Provisioning Platforms Portfolio. Before that he served as Global Project Manager for Optics in major Pan European Networks deployed in late 90s early 2000.

Over the course of his career, Maurizio has developed expertise in Optical and Data Transmission solutions for both Telecom Operators and enterprise customers.



Mr. Ariel Shuper
Ambassador, The Broadband Forum


AVP Marketing, Celtro


Ariel Shuper is Associate Vice President (AVP) Business Development and Marketing at Celtro Ltd. In his role, Ariel is responsible for the Business Development and the Product Marketing teams in Celtro.

Until its merger with the Broadband Forum, Ariel served also as vice-chairman of the Application technical working group in the IP/MPLS forum. Ariel has 10 years experience in the Telecom markets.

Prior to his position at Celtro, Ariel was Associate Vice President (AVP) at ECI Telecom in the Broadband Access Division, where he was responsible for its IP-based products (IP DSLAM), DSL technologies and the technical education of the Pre-Sales teams. He also held the position of Product Marketing Manager at RAD Data Communications and R&D positions in different high tech companies in Israel. Ariel holds a B.Sc in Computer Science, LLB cum-laude in Law and an MBA degree from Bar Ilan University in Israel.



Mr. Simon Spraggs
Distinguished Consulting Engineer, Cisco


Simon Spraggs is a Distinguished Consulting Engineer responsible for Cisco’s NGN architecture.

In this role, and previous roles, he works with a wide range of service provider around the world looking at both Core and Carrier Ethernet environments. Recently, Simon has been particularly focused on the role and the evolution of the consumer and business packet networking environments.

This work is being conducted with a backdrop of increasing levels of video traffic, and the movement of compute and storage resources from private data centres and client devices towards virtualised compute resources residing within the network cloud.



Ms. Nurit Sprecher
Ambassador, The Broadband Forum


Manager, Industry Environment Packet Transport Evolution Project, Nokia Siemens Networks


Nurit Sprecher is a standards' senior specialist at Nokia Siemens Networks, with 20 years of experience in the Telecommunication industry.

For many years Nurit worked as an expert System Engineer and technologist, defining carrier grade network and product specifications in areas in the forefront of the industry technology. In the last couple of years, Nurit is in charge of the company's standard and Industry Environment activities related to Packet Transport Evolution, covering aspects such as packet transport network, synchronization, 40/100 GB Ethernet, MEF architecture and services, solutions over packet such as Mobile Backhauling, Enterprise services, etc.

Nurit is an expert in packet transport networks and technologies, contributes to the related work in IETF, ITU-T SG15, IEEE and BBF, and participates in core discussions on next generation packet transport network with Tier-1 carriers. Nurit participated in the European CELTIC TIGER project which analyzed solutions for a better adaptation of IP and Ethernet layers to address the Metro Ethernet growing market. This project won the CELTIC Excellence Gold Award.



Dr. Masahito Tomizawa
Research Group Leader, NTT


Masahito Tomizawa is a senior research engineer, group leader, at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT). He received M.S. and Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Waseda University, Tokyo, in 1992 and 2000, respectively.

From 2003 to 2004, he was on leave to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, USA. In 1992, he joined NTT R&D and since then, he has been engaged in high-speed optical transmission systems and their deployments, as well as international standardization activities in ITU-T Study Group 15, and also international carrier-to-carrier collaboration for several years.

In 2006 he received the young scientist award from The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan. In
2007 he received Sakurai-Kenjiro memorial award from Optoelectronic Industry and Technology Development Association (OITDA) of Japan. In 2010, he received Achievement Award from Institute of Electronics Information & Communication Engineers IEICE) in Japan.



Mr. Huub van Helvoort
Q.10/15 Rapporteur, ITU-T


Senior Researcher, Huawei Technologies


Huub van Helvoort, MSEE, Eindhoven University of Technology, is a Senior Member of the IEEE. He has worked at Philips Telecommunication Industries, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, TranSwitch Corporation, and Huawei Technologies.

He is a designer and architect of second- and third-generation SDH equipment and devices. In addition, he has taught telecommunication technology to post graduate students at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Among van Helvoort's major achievements is the standardization of VCAT, LCAS, and GFP.

He represented the above companies in the international standards body ITU-T and the regional standards bodies ANSI OPTXS and ETSI. He is currently rapporteur of ITU-T Q10: "OAM for Transport Networks" and editor of several ITU-T recommendations.



Mr. Ramesh Vasudevan
Head of Transport Network, Architecture & Technology, SFR


Ramesh Vasudevan is a seasoned telecom professional with many years of experience in transport networks. He joined SFR in 2002 where he has been working in the area of Network Architecture and Technology Evaluation.

He’s currently working on the evolution of the Fixed+ Mobile Transport Network and is responsible for defining the target transport architecture including the evolution path and evaluating the Next-gen Optical and Packet systems options. He was previously involved in the definition of the mobile core transport backbone and the IP evolution path of the mobile backhaul.

Ramesh has also addressed various network topics such as the definition of a Network Energy Efficiency program in the frame of the sustainable development policy.

Prior to SFR, Ramesh worked for MCI-WorldCom where he held different positions in network architecture and engineering for the Pan-European network development. He has also consulted for various fixed and cellular operators. His initial experience was at Alcatel in the development of transport systems.



Mr. Maarten Vissers
Technical Director, Huawei Technologies


Maarten Vissers is a technical director in the Europe R&D Centre of Huawei Technologies since April 2008. He is responsible for the technical aspects of the multi-service evolution of the optical transport network and evolution of the multiple packet transport technologies towards one global multi-technology packet transport network. He holds a masters degree in Electrical Engineering, digital systems from the Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands obtained in 1982.

Prior to joining Huawei Technologies Maarten worked at Philips Telecommunication Industry, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Alcatel and Alcatel-Lucent where he designed integrated circuits for PDH systems, was a system engineer and architect for SDH systems, championed the development and use of common requirements and architectures as a cross product systems engineer, led the development of the OTN specifications as a transport network architect, initiated Ethernet over Transport network standardisation within ITU-T and promoted the development of architecture, equipment, protection switching, OAM and NNI specifications for a world wide packet transport network.

Since 1991 he actively contributed to PDH, SDH, ATM, OTN, ASON, T-MPLS/MPLS-TP and Ethernet standards development in ITU-T, ETSI, IEEE 802.1, IETF and MEF. He is an expert in functional modelling, fault management, performance monitoring, protection switching, overhead and OAM for connection monitoring and network node interface specifications. He is the editor of a number of OTN, MPLS-TP and Ethernet standards in ITU-T and has been the editor of multiple SDH standards in ETSI and ITU-T.




Dr. Sascha Vorbeck
Senior Consultant, Deutsche Telekom




Mr. Werner Weiershausen
Senior Consultant & Project Manager, Deutsche Telekom


Werner Weiershausen joined Deutsche Telekom in 1998 and has been working for different divisions, first the Technology Center of T-Nova, followed by T-Systems. Since June 2008 he is with T-Home (Zentrum TE), now Fixed-Mobile-Engineering Deutschland.

He has first been engaged in theoretical and experimental research on integrated and fiber optics devices, measurement methodology and WDM fiber transmission. In the role of a project manager. Since 2000 he has been Head of different kind of projects, several R&D projects on high-speed transmission and on multi-layer network architectures, furthermore of strategic projects on internal consulting of DT’s headquarter and divisions for next generation network upgrade. He is now responsible for the evolution of parts of the national German Optical Packet Transport Network.

Werner has also been Manager for the development of optical access network technologies at Luxdyne Ltd, he has authored or co-authored more than 80 papers or conference contributions and holds several patents. He was active in standardization (IEC, ITU-T, DKE) and as Chair of Optics East Symposium, still being Conference Chair at SPIE Photonics West.



Mr. Steve West
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Cyan


Steve is co-founder and CTO of Cyan, a manufacturer of Packet Optical Transport Platforms, and developer of planning, management and verification software tools for transport networks.

Prior to founding Cyan, Steve was a member of the founding team at Turin Networks, and an early employee at Advanced Fibre Communications, all three companies located in Petaluma in beautiful Sonoma county California, an area known for its fine wines and great telecommunications products.

Steve has B.Sc and M.Sc Electrical Engineering degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.