Sponsorship & Exhibition/Demo at SDN NFV World Congress

Engage more closely with decision makers, existing and prospective customers at the Industry Knowledge Exchange. 






Why Layer123’s SDN + NFV Global Knowledge Exchange Program Leads the World:

- Over 3,000 Delegates Forecast across the complete program of events in 2019
- Over 10,000 Online Audience Forecast in 2019
- Over 2,000+ Delegates Achieved across the complete program of events in 2018
- Over 10,000+ Estimated Online Audience in 2018

With over 2,000 attendees across the complete program of events in 2018 and with over 3,000 forecast in 2019 – plus an online audience estimated to exceed 10,000, it’s no surprise that Layer123’s SDN + NFV World Congress Program has the highest impact for its customers seeking to position themselves in the expanding SDN + NFV + MANO + Zero Touch/ Carrier Automation + 5G markets and meet face-to-face at the most senior level.

The numbers are impressive, but it’s not the only reason why Layer123’s SDN + NFV Congress is the global program of choice for market-makers, leaders, activists and innovators. Integrated face-to-face and online media, form an unrivalled platform with global reach, where..

- Market-makers and leaders set the agenda
- The world’s largest carriers work in partnership
- Key industry associations and standards bodies launch new initiatives
- All speakers turn up
- Over 50 top analysts from across the spectrum chair sessions
- Leading vendors launch products and services
- Industry ecosystems demonstrate solutions

123LIVE! Online Video

Over 10,000 individual video viewings of presentations made at Layer123's World Congress events are estimated to take taken place in 2018. That’s 10,000 additional viewings of the congress presentations, either live, or on-demand.

In spring 2012, Layer123 launched its live video streaming solution, broadcasting speakers’ presentations directly from the Congress stage to a global online audience. 123LIVE! has proven itself of great quality and value, as an extension of the Congress platform beyond the auditorium.

Layer123’s 123Live! webcast service opens a substantial additional audience for your presentation, ensuring that your messaging not only reaches a senior level audience at the Congress, but is also available for remote and on-demand viewing by a global audience.

As a Congress Sponsor/Partner, your plenary presentation will be webcast live from the Congress room, using Layer123’s uniquely high quality, live editing service. All presentation are recorded and made available online for on-demand viewing after the World Congress. You may invite your staff and customers to view the webcast live and/or on-demand at no additional cost. As a Congress Sponsor/Partner, Layer123 provides a master copy of your presentation that you may use on your own website and in your own promotions campaigns. 

Media Outreach - The principal destination for analysts and media!

In 2018 over 50 top analysts and media from around the globe flew in to The Hague for SDN NFV World Congress - and 30 again visited San Jose for Network Transformation Congress - making these the most efficient occasions for targeted one-on-one briefings – and the perfect complement to existing PR activities and in-house briefings.

Layer123’s media outreach program consists of 3 main elements: 
1. Open partnering with over 40 leading Analyst Houses and Media Organisations who attend, chair, and report from the Congress
2. Extensive online library/content engine – delivering 10s of thousands of downloads each year
3. Membership program – over 20,000 Layer123 members to date

Layer123 customers access a wealth of industry media channels and opinion leaders. Our open partnering policy ensures that your investment in content and outreach is not restricted solely to the Congress room, but is amplified across all channels.

The SDN + NFV Global Knowledge Exchange Congresses are extensively reported across Europe, US and Asia through media partnerships with the leading news channels and is supported by the top analyst houses.

Layer123 understands the new media environment. We know that partnerships make sense and have developed unparalleled support throughout the analyst and news media companies.

With over 50,000 unique visits to the Layer123 website in the last 12 months – 400,000 page views, the Layer123 dedicated website is a
credible content delivery platform. As a sponsor, we offer you a full range of services, from content delivery and advertising to direct audience interaction.


123 Sales Advance 

Make the most of your investment in the Layer123 platform, increase your market impact and ROI – fully engage your business development and sales teams!

Layer123 has launched 123 SALES ADVANCE to help your sales team fully benefit from your marketing investment. The package removes many of the barriers that hinder your sales team from progressing business at traditional events. And best of all – there is NO Additional Cost!

123 SALES ADVANCE is available for senior sponsors (Gold level and above) at all Layer123 events.

Our community of senior leaders is attentive, stimulated and engaged – and growing year over year.
Layer123’s SDN + NFV World Congress Program is the industry’s first choice. Work with us and get a better ROI now and in 2018

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