SDN & OpenFlow World Congress 2012 - Post Event Report

“The SDN World Congress was impressive not only for the content, but also the caliber of attendee.
The audience consisted of dozens of CTO office delegates or CTOs themselves from some of the
largest technology providers in the world - indicating that not only is SDN incredibly hot,
but events like this enable conversations that would otherwise be prohibitively difficult to have.
Simply put, time well spent.” 
– Current Analysis

The first SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, organised in Darmstadt, 22-24 October 2012, attracted over 350 registered delegates from 130 companies. This was a senior level conference, with 40+ Executive (CxO, VP level) and numerous Head of functions.

Layer123 would like to express its sincere appreciation and thanks to the Open Networking Foundation as Congress Co-Host, Host Operator Deutsche Telekom, Event Partners BT, Colt and GÉANT, the Congress Advisory Panel, Analyst Partners and Founding Sponsors for their outstanding support in establishing this new World Congress.

All Founding Sponsors made a substantial commitment, and delegates were rewarded with multiple SDN and OpenFlow demo systems. It was an impressive sight, and all the carrier and operator delegates were kept busy throughout the Congress in high energy discussions, as the future of networking starts to take shape.

We also thank all the top-level speakers - "market makers, movers and shakers" and respected experts, leaders and activists in this new field - and to other delegates and guests, all of whom travelled from throughout the world to participate face-to-face in this first SDN World Congress as a global innovation community.

Layer123 particularly appreciates all the expressions of renewed commitment, support and enthusiasm and is planning already for SDN World Congress 2013. See you there!

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“A great conference to learn and understand the full spectrum of the SDN space
- all the players, the real deployments, the challenges immediate and ahead.

I'm making plans for next year now!” – Infonetics Research

News at SDN World Congress from Light Reading


Google: SDN Works for us Google is so impressed with the benefits of software defined networking (SDN) that it's going to extend its current international SDN-based inter-data center network


Carriers Collaborate on Network of the Future The aim is to get the telecom and IT sector working together to identify a "new network production environment based on virtualization technology"


SDN: More Than Just a Tremor For the past two days I've been in Darmstadt, Germany, along with more than 300 others -- many from Tier 1 operators -- at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress


Dante's SDH Inferno How many transport networks have actually ripped out and replaced their SDH/SONET kit?


What do industry leaders and activists say about the Congress?

“I was taking notes” Google


“Great event!” Verizon


“Great event!” Light Reading


“Everything here has been done very well”  Infonetics Research


“Layer123 team did an outstanding job: congratulations!” Deutsche Telekom


“The SDN World Congress has been a great opportunity to engage with the global SDN movement leaders all together in one place” NEC


“We learnt something new”  Verizon


“Best event I've been to for years!”  EE


“One of the most interesting shows I have been to in years!” Interoute


“A very well organised event with interesting speakers and panelists, raising severe interest worldwide. Especially appreciated very much the uncomplicated support and flexibility provided by Layer123 to arrange everything before and during the meeting”  Deutsche Telekom


“The Layer123 SDN platform hosted the right combination of people: thought leaders, researchers and do-ers” Colt


“We want to thank Layer123 for organizing such a great forum in the first World Congress of SDN/OpenFlow, and we are honored to be a Platinum sponsor of this conference”  Huawei Technologies


“Good event, but you need a larger venue!” F5 Networks


“An event with buzz that felt like it was at the centre of making the future of the Industry” BT


“It was great to have such a big SDN event in Europe – with top speakers and demos from the biggest players in the SDN community. The strong engagement from operators and Telco vendors also helped enhancing the common understanding of Service Provider SDN” Ericsson


“It was really interesting and productive.. Layer123 managed to bring to this side of the pond the activity and thrill experienced in the US during the Open Networking Summits” Telefónica


“Great conference indeed – probably the best I attended in the last 2 years, and with a lot of valuable insights” Vitesse


“Splendid organization, a boost event for SDN/OpenFlow” GRNET


“One of the most relevant events in the SDN space! Very well organized and offering rich content and great participation from all relevant industry segments. Look forward to your next SDN event”” Huawei Technologies


“The SDN World Congress was a good initiative in bringing together some of the world's best technology and business leaders and evangelists to share ideas, benefits and use cases. SDN is expected to positively shape the networks of tomorrow - for Cloud and Service Providers, and for Enterprises”  IDC


“Very interesting Congress, where we learnt how to re-invent the way we make networks. We live in a point of inflexion in the networking world and SDN is providing a new point of view that can help us to solve the future challenges” Telefónica Global Solutions


“The idea of SDN has arrived in the carrier world. Different to previous events, every carrier showed a good understanding of SDN concepts” NEC


“The many operator presentations provided an excellent opportunity to gauge the service provider take on SDN” Current Analysis


“We were amazed at the number of attendees from North America and Asia-Pacific regions”  Deutsche Telekom


“A very well organised international conference - with an excellent mix of experts from different operators, vendors, research institutions, standardization and countries - which proves that SDN has a global reach” Ericsson


“It had a real buzz about it and put me in mind of the early days of the Internet. There are interesting times ahead” Heavy Reading


“SDN World Congress: the most important event in Europe regarding business aspects of Software-Defined Networks” Deutsche Telekom


“Helps separate the SDN wheat from the chaff!” Infonetics Research


“We attended Layer123's SDN conference because we wanted to contribute to the community of people looking to use SDN. We found the event very valuable and it generated a great deal of interest in our technology from both operators and other industry players” Intune Networks


“Positive experience – Good event – Well organised” Telecom Italia


“SDN has rapidly evolved into a broad church and this was well reflected in this informative and stimulating event” DANTE


“Layer123/SDN managed successfully to organize a very interesting event for the academia and industry” Technical University Berlin


“Highly informative and interactive conference focused on everything pertaining to SDN – nicely done! We were pleased to lead meaningful discussions around extending SDN for converged transport networking” Infinera


“This was a great event that showed off the maturity of the SDN thinking in the industry.. Congratulations on a very successful event” Intel


“With all the hype surrounding SDN, it was obvious from the Congress participants that SDN is happening and will be a significant technology in the future. Real use cases, albeit in niche applications, were presented, from traffic steering to edge policy management applications. The technology chasm has been crossed. A lot more use cases will certainly appear in the future once challenges inherent to each new technology are resolved” Alcatel-Lucent


“Great event! State of the art of SDN - go to it if you want to know what is happening in the SDN space (and what is not!)” Infonetics


“It has been an extremely relevant event for the entire SP industry, giving a clear view of SDN reality and clarifying the top Telcos key use cases related to SDN. Also a great forum to network, influence and learn” Cisco


“The mass of executives and high-level technical persons at the 1st SDN WC is a good sign for the upcoming SDN maturity” Nextworks


“Excellent speakers, mainly from the actors. A very positive experience” Live REPLY


“Excellent exposure to both operator and vendor thought leaders” Current Analysis


“A good investment of HP money and my time” Hewlett-Packard


“The Congress was an extremely timely event as it marked a key turning point for the industry when the Cloud and Networks worlds finally collided. Convergence of these worlds will now accelerate, creating exciting opportunities for everyone to create new software-based network architectures and new services possibilities” BT


“SDN is fast evolving to become a leading technology trend for next generation data networking
with the promise to make networks open, programmable, globally optimized, and application driven.
Huawei is committed to the research and development of SDN technologies and products.
In particular, at Huawei Shannon Lab, we are working on various SDN technologies to extend the
application scope of SDN towards large-scale and prime-time deployment.
We believe standardization is an important part to make network open and interoperable,
and a SDN ecosystem will be crucial for the success of SDN” 
– Huawei Technologies