Packet-Optical Transport Networking 2010 - Post Event Report
The inaugural Packet-Optical Transport Networking, Berlin, 15-17 November 2010, attracted over 140 delegates including more than 70 service provider representatives from more than 30 companies.


In a packed, standing-room-only conference room, 140+ network strategy professionals at the heart of future Packet-Optical Transport Networks listened in rapt attention as the key strategic issues of today were presented and debated by industry leaders.

From Bruno Orth’s opening keynote as SVP of Strategy and Architecture at Deutsche Telekom, via Andy Reid’s keynote as BT’s Chief Network Services Strategist and Masahito Tomizawa’s outstanding perspective from NTT, the conference was “unremittingly choc-a-bloc of unmissable high-quality presentations” in the words of one senior delegate.

This community realises that Packet-Optical Transport is the foundation of Today’s Global Internet and speakers from as far afield as Japan, China, USA and delegates from 20+ countries made sure the full global picture was seen.


Rarely has Transport Networking felt so exciting – even exhilarating – and delegates left Berlin with a rich reward for their time, a spring in their step, and a sense of renewed purpose.

We were privileged to witness the birth of a new market. The worlds of Packet and Optical have been colliding for the past 5 years – perhaps longer! – but progress has to be made. Carriers such as Telecom Italia made a clarion call for MPLS-TP as a key convergence technology, but warned that key issues still need to be resolved to ensure its successful network application.

Patrick George, SVP at BICS, called for “intensive industry therapy” to get the best from Packet and Optical worlds. As a member of The Broadband Forum, Layer123 is proud to play its part in this progress, with speakers from major carriers, vendors and Broadband Forum, IETF, ITU-T, CCSA, OIF and MEF backgrounds.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to Deutsche Telekom, The Broadband Forum and all 2010 Founding Sponsors for seeing the need for this new forum, and their support in making it happen.

We also thank all the speakers, who are respected experts in their fields, and to other participants, all of whom travelled from various locations throughout the world to participate in this new conference to share their expertise and experience.

The industry has found its new meeting place – this is Packet-Optical Transport Networking, Here and Now.

And with such dynamic change in this new market, Layer123 is already planning for P-OTN 2011 – see you there!

Here are some of the comments made by delegates at the event:

"The Broadband Forum was happy to co-host this event, because we recognize the importance of discussion and education around this important new technology. The event lived up to expectations with good attendance, valuable technical presentations providing insight into the requirements of service providers. The response to our new Broadband Forum tutorial on MPLS-TP and to our new white paper on Unified MPLS was excellent and we hope it will be a catalyst for new developments as the industry evolves."
Robin Mersh, CEO,The Broadband Forum

"A brilliant debut! The depth of content by service providers and solutions innovators emphasized quality over quantity. This was definitely an information rich event!"  Cyan

"A focused audience has advantage over broader events" Colt

"A very good use of time" Nokia Siemens Networks

"Get the bigger picture - Definitely attend – interesting debates"

"Good opportunity to meet the experts" RTR

"Useful and well organised" Vtesse Networks

"Having all relevant players in one spot helps with planning" Juniper Networks

"I will recommend this event to my colleagues"

"Above all - Good speakers and organisation"