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“The Broadband Forum is happy to co-host this event, because we recognize the importance of discussion and education around this important new technology.”
Robin Mersh
, CEO, Broadband Forum



Layer123 is delighted to thank Deutsche Telekom for its support as Lead Operator and in choosing to make a significant commitment. With continuing support from other major carriers around the world, and backing from primary systems houses, this forum is on track to bring increasing value and usefulness to the industry as we build the future of Modern Transport Networking.

Why Attend - Packet-Optical Networking

Packet-Optical Networking is your opportunity to meet and debate with the specialists shaping the future architecture of Packet-Optical networks. The coming years will be a time of unprecedented change and upheaval for service provider networks. SDH is nearing its end of life and the new optical and packet networking paradigms with which it is being replaced are very different and challenging. This is your opportunity to influence and anticipate the important developments that will impact your short to mid term planning and investment outcomes.

This event is a timely opportunity to get up to speed with packet optical networking ideas and their practical implementation in key application areas – Mobility, Video (Content Delivery Networks/IPTV/MobileTV), Cloud Computing, Data Centre Virtualisation and high performance Ethernet services for business users.


The stage is set for new evolution, new strategies, new optimisation potential and new convergence options. As a stakeholder in the future packet optical transport networking world, you will find this collection of influential people, focused debate and structured networking of significant value.


Operators are looking for answers to the following questions:

  • What are the strategic issues facing service providers and how can P-OTN help?
  • How can P-OTN be used to build and ease the migration to 4th Generation mobile infrastructure?
  • How and why has P-OTN developed as a technology – what are the drivers and origins of P-OTN?
  • How are service providers planning to use P-OTN – what services are driving P-OTN and what are the network evolution options?
  • What are the key developments in standards from the operator’s point of view, and where are the gaps?
  • What are the key issues in evolving from today's heterogeneous mixed-technology networks?
  • How can P-OTN help in designing infrastructure to support new business applications and architectures – data centre connectivity, data centre virtualisation, Cloud Computing, video?

This best of breed conference provides a uniquely focused forum to examine this new vision, uncluttered by history and bringing the best of packet and the best of optical together, to formulate a wider understanding of the future Packet Optical Transport Network.

Whom you will meet

Meet your peers, existing and potential customers, existing and potential suppliers, leading thinkers, technical experts, standards coordinators and specialist analysts and spend 3 days in engaging group discussions, case study examples, ice-breaking speed networking, one to one meetings, lunch debates, relaxed refreshment breaks, drinks reception and knowledge exchange.

It’s good to specialise and it’s important to get a strategic view of the industry. Hear from knowledgeable and influential experts representing the systems, networks and applications point of view on packet transport. Find out how they are developing, implementing and leveraging packet-optical transport networking systems, architectures and networks to generate new business and reduce the cost of data transport.

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