NFV World Marketplace and Directory


Layer123 is delighted to announce a new initiative to demonstrate and accelerate the realisation of the promise of NFV to transform all networks – “NFV World Marketplace”.


The first NFV World Marketplace will be hosted at NFV World Congress EXPO, 2-5 May 2017 in San Jose, USA. Layer123 thanks Intel for its support of this program.


Join the NFV World Marketplace today!  To apply to participate, please >> complete and submit this form 



About NFV World Marketplace

In 2014 and 2015, Layer123 hosted the ETSI NFV PoC Zone at SDN World Congress; in 2015 and 2016 Layer123 hosted the NFV PoC & Demo Trail at NFV World Congress.  Now in 2017, as the market moves to commercial reality, it is time to host the NFV World Marketplace.

NFV World Marketplace is a multi-vendor multi-community platform to publicly demonstrate key advances in NFV function, interop and performance.  Open to all, it showcases interoperability and portability at all levels of NFV technology and ecosystem participants, from the NFVi to MANO and multiple types of VNFs.


Broad support from market leaders

The Marketplace benefits from close dialogue with Congress Advisory leaders from Partners and service providers including Telefónica, BT, Verizon, Vodafone, KPN, Swisscom, Orange and Deutsche Telekom.. >> and >>

John Healy, VP, Data Center Group & General Manager of Datacenter Network Solutions Group at Intel commented “Working across a broad set of network industry stakeholders including open standards and open source initiatives, the NFV Marketplace is well-positioned to pragmatically demonstrate the interoperability of critical SDN and NFV technologies”.


Demonstration of industry capability

NFV World Marketplace is a demonstration facility, where VNFs from multiple vendors can be demonstrated, on-boarded, operated and even interworked to meet specific network service scenarios on common NFVi platforms.  It is also a platform to demonstrate different orchestration solutions working with those VNFs.  It acts as a showcase for the interoperability of NFV, SDN & MANO – as envisioned by the global operator community, demonstrating openness and choice.


Open to the NFV ecosystem

Aligned with the latest standards from ETSI NFV ISG and other standards development organisations such as MEF, OASIS, ONF, and others – NFV World Marketplace showcases current solutions from OSS, Orchestrator, MANO, VNF and NFVi providers and integrators.  Employing the latest open source components from OSM, OPEN-O, OPNFV, OpenStack, and others – NFV World Marketplace showcases the common approach now possible.


Not another standards or open source project

NFV World Marketplace is not a technical Interop, plugfest, hackathon or plugtest, which are intended to debug prototypes and fix code according to strict requirements and specifications.  NFV World Marketplace is a front-of-market pragmatic horizontal demo activity to showcase VNF and NFVi innovation, interoperability and portability in a common working framework.


Not a testing, certification or accreditation scheme

NFV World Marketplace does not charge for testing services, issue certificates or evaluate products.  By virtue of compatibility with the Marketplace platform and a desired compatibility with the published Common Builder Interface, solutions can be on-boarded and participate in the Marketplace, demonstrating their functional capability and interoperability.


Common Builder Interface enables a common demonstration

NFV World Marketplace publishes a minimum “Common Builder Interface”, that any VNF provider can work to, in order to plug into the demonstration platform.  VNFs using the Common Builder Interface can be on-boarded by any of the various orchestration solutions demonstrated in the Marketplace – and managed and utilised with a basic set of functionality.


Progressive program will demonstrate more advanced capability

The demonstration cycle will be developed at a 6 months cadence, and the second NFV World Marketplace will be hosted by Layer123 at SDN NFV World Congress 2017, 9-13 October in The Hague.


Low cost of participation

** Please note: All applications for Marketplace participation must be received by Friday 31st March 2017 **

Layer123 has set aside a dedicated space in the EXPO area for the NFV World Marketplace.  All Partners, Sponsors and Exhibitors at NFV World Congress 2017 are eligible to participate at no extra charge; other organisations may pay a participation fee.

Participants in the first NFV World Marketplace and details of the solutions and VNFs included, will be publicised in a dedicated email newsletter and Marketplace Directory webpage, which will grow over time as the industry’s principal reference point.

To apply to participate, please >> complete and submit this form


Compatibility desired for participation

In order to participate, companies should ensure their product(s) and/or solution(s) are technically compatible with the Marketplace platform, support the requirements of the Common Builder Interface, and must be on-boarded onto the Marketplace platform so they can be operationally demonstrated.  Other proposals and solutions are welcome to demonstrate interoperability between differing approaches.


Technical details of NFV World Marketplace

Platform specification and proposed Common Builder Interface description will be published here.