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Opening remarks

Adrian Howlett | Conference Producer | Layer123



Chair's Opening Address

Jennifer Clark | Founder and General Manager | Battle Green Research






KEYNOTE - Zero touch hybrid deployment and network services in cloud driven through k8 / istio

Lakshmi Sharma | Head of Product Management, Networking, Google Cloud | Google



Srinath Padmanabhan | Product Marketing | Google



Luis Jorge Romero | Director General | ETSI



Ichiro Fukuda | VP of Engineering & Chief Architect | NTT Innovation Institute


KEYNOTE - Towards Full E2E Service Automation with OSM in Telefónica

Francisco-Javier Ramón | Head of Network Virtualisation, GCTIO | Telefónica

Chair | Open Source MANO



While Network Virtualisation is regarded as a key enabler to make networks more flexible and agile, the understanding of how a virtualised network in production should look is usually over-simplified, often leading to naïve approaches to its operation that bring substantial complexity to the service provider.

In this presentation, Telefónica explains how OSM becomes a key element to simplify the management of E2E services in a large network infrastructure, while enabling a market of VNFs ready for their immediate use in production. The way that OSM's information model enables this scalable management and orchestration approach for the UNICA Programme, and the plans for deployment are also discussed in this presentation.




Refreshment & exhibition break





Chair's Market Highlights

Donglin Shen | Principal Analyst | EJL Wireless Research


A VNF Vendor's NFV Perspective on the quest to the Network Edge

Marc Fiuczynski | Principal Architect | Akamai Technologies



Akamai's Carrier Products has been involved in the context of NFV since its inception. Our focus has been on non-middlebox products, offered in various formats including as VNFs, that can be brought to market as part of the operators' overall NFV/SDN core, access or edge network infrastructure transformation. Over the years we've observed a muddled interest within this space for cost-savings and revenue-generating products, respectively. While we largely feel the industry is ready for the former, there is at least one non-trivial challenge for the latter that requires more attention by the industry. This is a short tale from a vendor's perspective on the successes and remaining challenges for both, and how the industry at large might move faster forward.



Serviceability Perspective and Practice for Network Management Automation

He Yubao | Chief Serviceability Solution Design Expert | Huawei



Serviceability is the ability to realize high efficiency and low cost network and service operation and management (O&M). It's a view angle from product and solution R&D. Zero touch is the target. This presentation is an overview of Huawei's serviceability strategy. Some practice also will be introduced briefly.



How to Mega-Scale NFV

Christos Kolias | Principal Research Scientist and Orange Expert | Orange



One of the challenges NFV implementations can face is scaling up and out - for instance, in the face of sudden traffic spikes (eg. in Mobile Networks). With the emergence of IoT applications and Edge Computing and Networking in the presence of diverse applications (autonomous vehicles, VR/AR, mobile video, robotics), scaling network functions sometimes on-demand and in a swift fashion becomes of paramount importance.



Machine Learning for Network Performance

Bryan Larish | Director, Technology | Verizon



Machine learning has produced best-in-class results for a variety of fields such as computer vision and the game of Go. However, using these techniques to improve network performance is a relatively unexplored area. This talk will outline how Verizon has found ways to use these techniques to make their networks run even better.



Enabling Multi-Vendor Service Orchestration with Automated Provisioning

Hema Kadia | VP & Head of SDN/NFV, Strategy and Practice | Prodapt



Operators are embarking on their network virtualization journey leveraging the SDN/NFV technologies to provide centralized control, automated provisioning, programmable and self-healing networks. Prodapt is deeply engaged with our global customer base, in implementing standards based architecture, North-Bound & South-bound Integrations with physical and virtual appliances, Service template standardization, DevOps and Testing automation as well as Machine learning based closed loop assurance - enabling operators transition towards zero-touch provisioning and self-healing networks. In this session, we would highlight some of our experiences, challenges and learnings in an multi-vendor multi-domain hybrid eco-system.




Lunch & Lunchtime Debating Tables



An opportunity to discuss and debate key innovation topics under the guidance and leadership of NFV and SDN Congress Advisory Panel members


1. How ZSM and ONAP could cooperate on Intent based policy driven close loop automation

Deng Hui | Chief NFV Strategy Officer | Huawei

Chair, Modeling subcommittee | ONAP


2. Securing uCPE Deployments

Prayson Pate | CTO, Ensemble | ADVA Optical Networking



Service providers are working to replace customer premise equipment (CPE) appliances with software running on a standard platform referred to as universal CPE (uCPE). They also want to minimize the steps required for setting up uCPE, both in the supply chain and at the customer site. In an ideal situation, this would be a "zero touch" deployment. There are some open questions about how to achieve zero touch on uCPE while maintaining both service and network security.

• How can we minimize the required manual steps required?
• What steps are reasonable for a non-technical end user to take?
• How can we simplify the supply chain to allow direct shipments to the end user site, without needing per-site staging?
• Can the customer provider the uCPE equipment i.e. bring your own hardware (BYOH)?





Chair's Opening Address

Tim Doiron | Principal Analyst, Practice Lead, Intelligent Networking | ACG Research


Network Automation @Scale

Sam Aldrin | Architect | Google

Co-Chair, Network Virtualization over Layer3 WG | IETF


Orchestrating NFV Workloads in Multiple Clouds

Bin Hu | Principal Member of Technical Staff | AT&T

Convenor of Technical Community | OPNFV



Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) is missioned to deploy and manage VNFs on multiple infrastructure environments, including virtualized infrastructure and cloud native. Workload deployment and orchestration in multiple clouds is expected to play an essential role in ONAP operational success.



Network Services Automation with MEF 3.0

Dan Pitt | SVP | MEF

Senior Vice President | Palo Alto Innovation Advisors



An overview of the MEF 3.0 transformational services framework highlighting developments in the MEF 3.0 Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) work program, including the LSO framework, information models and Open APIs, all of which are key to supporting service automation across multi-provider networks.
Looking forward, the impacts of new developments in the areas of artificial intelligence, analytics and application performance assurance




Refreshment & exhibition break



Chair's Market Highlights

Vishal Sharma | Principal | Metanoia


Topic to be announced

Randy Levensalor | Lead Architect, Cloud and Managed Services | CableLabs


Zero Touch Activation of Whitebox - Security Considerations

Ravi Chunduru | Distinguished MTS | Verizon



With upcoming VNF deployments based out of Whitebox at customer premises, Zero Touch Provisioning and Activation plays a key role in adoption of Virtual Services. In this session, we present how at Verizon we give security a top priority in Zero touch Activation workflows for whiteboxes.



Glasgow Network Functions: From Data Centres to Unmanned Vehicles

Richard Cziva | PhD Candidate | University of Glasgow




End of Forum




End of Congress





Chair's Opening Address

Chris DePuy | Founder & Technology Analyst | 650 Group


Know the Network: Monetizing Software in the NFV Market

Martin Liepert | Sr. Architect | Gemalto



In this session, Martin Liepert will address the complexity of integrating business systems into NFV solutions. He will also share comprehensive insights into how Gemalto enables VNF suppliers to focus on what they do best - developing cutting edge networking solutions.



Getting Real Value from SD-WAN

Sue White | Head of SDN/NFV Marketing | NEC/Netcracker



SD-WAN is gaining momentum with a number of early deployments, but the ability to add new services, scale and create a positive business case is still stalling many service providers. In this talk, we will discuss how to overcome these challenges, enabling you to benefit from the real value SD-WAN can offer.



Enterprise WAN Revolution: Current Realities and Future Prospects

Wenyu Shen | Technology Development Manager | NTT Communications



Recently, we have seen a revolution in enterprise WANs; end users have been expecting further cost reduction and operation simplification since the appearance of SD-WAN technology. In this presentation, we will explain several real and typical requirements that we are facing within our ongoing commercial SD-WAN deployment. Furthermore, originated from SD-WAN, but going beyond SD-WAN, the new use cases which cover SaaS/cloud optimization and edge computing will be introduced; these extend the current hybrid WAN reality to a hybrid IT future.



Enhancing the security of SD-WAN

Prayson Pate | CTO, Ensemble | ADVA Optical Networking



SD-WAN is a popular application, but it is not perfect. In particular, many users want to augment SD-WAN's built-in functions with external security or unified threat management (UTM) functions. This session will describe how to get the benefits of SD-WAN along with best-of-breed security solutions, at the application, network and platform levels.



Accelerating SD-WAN Service Deployment: 1 VNF is better than 4 VNFs

Nav Chander | Sr. Director, Service Provider Marketing | Silver Peak



SD-WAN enables new opportunities for managed service providers to deliver tiered managed services with a SD-WAN VNF-based platform. What if you could combine four VNF service functions (routing, SD-WAN, WAN optimization & firewall) into a single VNF that is one software image and that accelerates the time-to-revenue with your choice of uCPE?




End of Forum




Lunch & Lunchtime debating tables (see above)




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