Founding Partners with Packet Microwave Forum 2011



Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere ™: One company, running two of Britain’s most famous brands – Orange and T-Mobile.

Best for customers: Scale of new company allows delivery of best value, best choice, best coverage and best quality in the industry.

Biggest Network: Plans for a single super-network that will give bigger and better coverage for customers, with a smaller impact on the environment
Benefits begin this year: Roaming across both networks due later this year, at no additional cost to the customer.

Boost for Sales: Biggest operator retail presence on the high street with over 700 stores today

Brilliant Service: Focus on quality, to ensure customers receive the very best service, helping people discover more from their mobile.

Acceleration in new markets: New assault on business market, continued leadership in wholesale, and focus on new revenue streams.

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NEC is a pioneer of carrier network and IT convergence. It is a leader and innovator in IT and carrier cloud providing solutions and services that create revenue advantages for service providers.

NEC has a strong heritage in microwave backhaul with networks spanning 145 countries. The development of its multi-technology backhaul solutions build on this heritage with converged designs that eliminate the need for multiple equipment types within one site. In a typical scenario, this reduces the total cost of ownership by 35 per cent. Network operators are increasingly evolving their planning and operational processes in recognition of the value provided by equipment convergence in backhaul networks.

The NEC iPASOLINK is a converged dual-native solution that supports both native TDM and native Ethernet transport on the same platform. This allows fixed and mobile operators gradual, cost effective migration to an all-IP backhaul, required for the transformation to 4G LTE and the cloud computing era.

By providing a combination of products and solutions that cross-utilise the company’s experience and global resources, NEC’s advanced technologies meet the complex and ever-changing needs of its customers. NEC brings more than 100 years of expertise in technological innovation to empower people, businesses and society.

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Ceragon Networks

Ceragon Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ: CRNT) is the premier wireless backhaul specialist.

Ceragon’s high capacity wireless backhaul solutions enable cellular operators and other wireless service providers to deliver 2G/3G and LTE/4G voice and data services that enable smart-phone applications including Internet browsing, music and video.

With unmatched technology and cost innovation, Ceragon’s advanced point-to-point microwave systems allow wireless service providers to evolve their networks from circuit-switched and hybrid concepts to all IP networks. Ceragon solutions are designed to support all wireless access technologies, delivering more capacity over longer distances under any given deployment scenario. Ceragon’s solutions are deployed by more than 230 service providers of all sizes, and hundreds of private networks in more than 130 countries.

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The long-trusted partner of service providers, enterprises, strategic industries and governments around the world, Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE : ALU) is a leader in mobile, fixed, IP and optics technologies, and a pioneer in applications and services. Alcatel-Lucent includes Bell Labs, one of the world's foremost centres of research and innovation in communications technology.

With operations in more than 130 countries and one of the most experienced global services organisations in the industry, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with global reach. The Company achieved revenues of Euro 16 billion in 2010 and is incorporated in France and headquartered in Paris.

Read the latest posts on the Alcatel-Lucent blog and follow the Company on Twitter:

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Huawei Technologies

Huawei is a leading telecom solutions provider, owned entirely by its employees. Through continuous customer-centric innovation, we have established end-to-end advantages in telecom network infrastructure, application & software, devices and professional services.

With comprehensive strengths in wireline, wireless and IP technologies, Huawei has gained a leading position in the All-IP convergence age. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 100 countries and have served 45 of the world's top 50 telecom operators, as well as one third of the world's population.

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As demand for wireless bandwidth continues to soar, existing mobile networks are reaching their limits. Operators have responded by deploying 4G mobile technologies that deliver the data-optimised performance that emerging devices and applications require. Transport networks are now under equal pressure and traditional microwave and T1/E1 backhaul networks can no longer scale economically. As a result, operators are migrating to high capacity packet-based backhaul.

DragonWave’s point-to-point packet microwave networks deliver unprecedented capacity and spectral efficiency, meeting the increasingly stringent requirements of carrier-class operators. DragonWave’s packet convergence platforms enable a gradual evolution from TDM to packet based networks.

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Siklu builds high capacity gigabit wireless backhaul solutions that support next generation 4G/LTE and broadband bandwidth requirements, at a price point 80% lower than comparable systems. Operating in the uncongested millimeter wave spectrum, Siklu’s EtherHaul systems are ideal for base station through pico cell backhaul and business services connectivity.

Siklu was founded with a key goal: creating affordable high capacity wireless backhaul. With operators facing exponentially increasing demand for data coupled with eroding service margins, the backhaul network must expand, quickly and at a low cost. Identifying the potential to deliver the necessary high capacities in the millimetric waves spectrum – the 71-76/81-86 GHz regulated E-Band and the 57-66 GHz license-exempt band - Siklu invested in development of ultra low cost millimeter wave backhaul systems that will increase available throughput in an affordable way, while alleviating the expected spectrum congestion.

Serving providers and enterprises around the world, Siklu Communications is based near Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Ciena is the network specialist. We collaborate with customers world-wide to unlock the strategic potential of their networks and fundamentally change the way they perform and compete.

With focused innovation, Ciena brings together the reliability and capacity of optical networking with the flexibility and economics of Ethernet, unified by a software suite that delivers the industry’s leading network automation.

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Cambridge Broadband Networks

Pioneering the development and global deployment of next generation microwave transmission equipment since 2000, Cambridge Broadband Networks’ VectaStar platform is deployed by more operators, in more markets, than any other multipoint microwave solution and operates at the heart of the world’s busiest mobile data network.

Our solutions provide operators with both capital and operational savings and manage spectrum, an increasingly scarce resource, dynamically and efficiently. Welcome to Cambridge Broadband Networks. Welcome to next generation thinking.

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Infonetics Research

Infonetics Research, founded in 1990, is an international market research and consulting firm helping clients plan, strategize, and compete in the global communications market.

We offer the following services:
- Market share, market size, and forecasts
- Insightful, strategic, and timely analysis
- Service provider and enterprise buyer surveys
- Service provider capex and subscriber tracking
- Custom research, consulting, events, and papers

Known for our perceptive analysts, accurate forecasts, and quickly adapting to market changes, Infonetics defied the recent recession with a 27% increase in revenue and a 98% renewal rate in 2010. Our clients include the majority of the largest equipment vendors, communications silicon vendors, and investment banks.

Our analysts, who have an average tenure of 8 years with Infonetics and 18 years in the communications industry, are some of the most influential in the business, advising the world's service providers, vendors, and financial community. Infonetics is consistently ranked by Apollo Research in the Top 200 for media coverage among thousands of U.S. tech companies.

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The MEF is a global industry alliance comprising more than 160 organisations including telecommunications service providers, cable MSOs, network equipment/software manufacturers, semiconductors vendors, and testing organisations.

The MEF’s mission is to accelerate the world-wide adoption of carrier-class Ethernet networks and services. The MEF develops Carrier Ethernet technical specifications and implementation agreements to promote interoperability and deployment of Carrier Ethernet world-wide.

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jonesthefone consulting

Andy Jones founded jonesthefone consulting in September 2009 after a 20-year career with Vodafone. The business is based in the UK and serves an international client-base including network operators, network equipment providers and investors.

jonesthefone consulting offers its clients a customer chooser's perspective, helping clients to gain a deep understanding of the nascent requirements and real priorities of the Mobile Network Operator as a customer. Andy enjoys bringing disruptive architecture to market and is currently working with clients on network innovation to assure sustainable mobile network profitability, including: smart backhaul, end-to-end traffic management and mobile content delivery.

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Maravedis is a premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services focusing on 4G and broadband wireless technologies (including LTE, WiMAX, femtocells, core and backhaul networking, chipsets, radios and related devices) as well as industry regulations and market trends.

Over the past decade Maravedis has provided clients world-wide with strategic insight to help them achieve key business objectives. We take pride in helping business executives and the investment community make fact-based decisions on technology purchases and business strategy. Our senior technology and market analysts provide global, regional and local expertise on technology, regulation and industry opportunities world-wide.

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Sky Light Research

Sky Light Research (SLR) is an objective, third party research firm focusing on wireless access and backhaul technologies for the global marketplace. These technologies include: microwave, unlicensed point to point, WiMAX, LTE, and proprietary wireless broadband technologies.

SLR's goal is to report the market honestly and accurately, providing its clients the resources they need to win in today's turbulent, highly competitive, and dynamic market environment. SLR has established itself as a credible and reliable resource for market intelligence in the microwave and broadband wireless industries and has been told by several industry leaders that the microwave market has standardised on the company’s research.

SLR works closely with equipment vendors, operators, and the investment community to establish accurate and reliable numbers for reports that are published every 90 days, on a quarterly cycle. By analysing current activity in the market, at silicon, equipment, and operator levels, SLR is able to help its clients make strategic decisions that help them to compete more effectively. This process helps build a solid report that companies can count on for accurate forecasts, market sizing and market shares. Sky Light Research was founded in 2001 by Emmy Johnson and is located in Scottsdale Arizona, USA.

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Current Analysis

Current Analysis provides Competitive Response solutions that enable companies to effectively anticipate and counter competitive threats, and win more business.

This is achieved through the rapid delivery of tactical, actionable intelligence to help fast-paced companies compete in highly volatile markets, such as telecommunications, networking, and business software markets.

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Signals Research Group

Signals Research Group, LLC (SRG) offers thought-leading field research and consulting services covering the wireless telecommunications industry. The 'Signals Ahead' newsletter and other research products provide timely insight and analysis of key issues, emerging trends and news flow that impact the future of the industry.

The "no holds barred" approach to conducting research and analysis means that SRG's first and foremost objective is to offer differentiated research products and services. Instead of just capturing market data analyzing past events, SRG focus on where the industry will be tomorrow and the technologies and service offerings that will shape its future and not those that defined its past.

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