Cloud-Net Summit

Building the Carrier Cloud: Core, Interconnect, Access

    Introducing OpenFlow: Software Defined Networking for Cloud

   Centre Point Tower, London, 12-14 March 2012

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“ONF is delighted to co-host the first Cloud-Net Summit alongside Layer123.


We look forward to sharing our networking vision face-to-face with influential leaders and activists from Europe’s principal carriers and technology organisations. The intense interest in OpenFlow and SDN, high growth in ONF membership, and the rapid surge towards commercialisation are strong evidence of a pent- up market need.


Join us to discover and debate the particular value of OpenFlow in the emerging Carrier Cloud business opportunity, and the further potential of Software-Defined Networking as a transformational approach to existing and future carrier networking challenges”.


- Dan Pitt, Executive Director, Open Networking Foundation.



Exploit innovative Carrier Cloud architectures and service delivery methods to compete in the new managed service environment - attract new customers, deliver new services and cut operational costs!


The rapid growth of the Public Cloud has led to new SME and enterprise customer expectations on cost, flexibility and time to market for their managed services. Leading services providers are developing innovative new solutions to maintain market leadership and to exploit the new revenue opportunities and operational benefits that The Cloud can deliver to them and their customers.  

In turn, the network supporting the Cloud must re-invent itself to deliver a fundamental change in the way that services and applications can be offered, configured and operated in order to support new business models and fight off new competitive forces. This is the focus of Cloud-Net..

  • Introducing OpenFlow: Software-Defined Networking for Cloud
  • Harnessing Carrier Ethernet for Cloud Services
  • Enhancing IP/MPLS for Data Centre Interconnect

Carrier Cloud is both an opportunity for you to grow your managed services business and a threat to the traditional pricing and service delivery structures of your existing business. As always, when it comes to new business opportunities, the key to success is getting the detail right from the start. That requires an in-depth knowledge of the underlying challenges and solution options so that business innovation can flourish.


Cloud-Net is a ground-breaking and uniquely specialist event focusing on the network requirements to support a successful Carrier Cloud business. Here you can join industry leaders from key functions within the network ecosystem to help you:

  • Build a scalable, efficient and robust Carrier Cloud infrastructure
  • Leverage existing assets to deliver Cloud services with Carrier-class performance, quality, reliability, scalability and security
  • Identify the architecture and technology choices that will deliver the best solution for your business needs
  • Make influential new contacts that will help you to develop your business


Key themes featured in the inaugural Cloud-Net Call for Papers include:

  • Commercial initiatives by service providers to exploit the Carrier Cloud services market opportunity
  • Carrier Cloud requirements and the new network solutions they are driving - an end to end view including all key building blocks
  • Cloud technologies enabling dynamically allocated resources - Carrier Ethernet, IP/MPLS, OpenFlow and SDN
  • Cloud resource orchestration, provisioning and management
  • Cloud Core for performance - new Data Centre architectures
  • Cloud Interconnect for efficiency - supporting VM mobility
  • Cloud Access for ubiquity


Contribute to the Cloud-Net Knowledge Exchange sessions and access this event without fees (Operators, Enterprises, Analysts and Regulators only)

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