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The Winners are announced! Layer123 thanks all persons and companies making nominations, all nominations making the Shortlist, and all 2017 Winners announced.


These inaugural Network Transformation Awards RECOGNISE achievement in advancing the industry to the next generation of networks.  We CELEBRATE innovation and excellence in delivering the next generation of products and services founded on SDN and NFV. Winners INSPIRE determination, progress and future collaboration between executives, leaders and activists.

Layer123 manages an open and transparent process, so that Awards are made with the highest credibility and integrity. Winners can be confident to receive an authentic Award, that highlights their leadership and achievement, and gives credit to themselves and their company.

The Awards are judged independently by a panel of leading analysts invited from SDN NFV Congress Analyst Partners. Layer123 thanks them for their time and their support.


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Cloud & Carrier Service: Best NaaS Platform




NEC/Netcracker redefined NaaS to offer a compelling full-service proposition focused on CSP revenue growth. With eight commercial deployments, it surpasses other platforms in three key areas.

First, it delivers a broad scope of services that encompasses on-demand network and value-added services bundled with IT apps. Second, it provides a full stack from VNF onboarding to orchestration to SDN/NFV-ready BSS applications. Third, it uses Agile/DevOps service design together with our Ecosystem 2.0 Program with over 200 VNFs/IT apps already onboarded. The result is up to 70% reduction in time-to-market, up to 25% ARPU growth and up to 30% churn reduction.

Cloud & Carrier Service: Best SD-WAN Service




Colt SD WAN provides a simplified approach to deploying and managing remote branch office connectivity. By leveraging the stability, resiliency and Quality-of-Service of private MPLS-based IPVPN connectivity with the flexibility and affordability of public Internet, Colt has developed a hybrid WAN network, where customers can offload non-critical data to a secured Internet tunnel, freeing up bandwidth for business critical data.

Superior customer experience is provided through a simple-to-use portal where traffic is steered over Internet/MPLS on an application-by-application basis. Both access methods can be switched in real time based on thresholds for bandwidth, latency, jitter, packet loss or link failure.

Cloud & Carrier Service: Best Service for Developing World

Zhejiang Mobile


1 SIM 2 numbers

Zhejiang Mobile together with Huawei execute on its Telco cloud transformation to launch its first cloud-based service. A new valued added service "1 SIM 2 numbers" will be launched in September 2017 and will support 200,000 subscribers.


1. service "1 SIM 2 numbers" is adapted in the cloud and open platform and used for privacy protection and avoiding invalid advertisement bothering,etc.

2. Zhejiang Mobile successfully constructed a multi-vendor and ETSI-compliant NFV/SDN based Telco Cloud architecture. It has also completed migration feasibility verification of traditional telecom services to the Telco cloud architecture to ensure consistent service experience.

Cloud & Carrier Service: Best vCPE/uCPE Enterprise Service



Open vCPE

Open vCPE, a collaboration between Cloudify and VMware, helps service providers deliver an Open-vCPE and SD-WAN solution in record time. Partner Communications recently used this solution to launch a virtual, managed service offering in only three months rather than the 12-18 months typically required.

A rapid conversion to NFV enables service providers to provide next-generation services to customers, position themselves as a leader in edge computing, and reduce cost-per-customer to deliver network services.

Culture & Diversity



Telstra SDN/NFV Evolution Network (SEN) initiative

Telstra leveraged the development and deployment of an open source software based national SDN & NFV network to also spearhead the transformation of its engineering and operation teams and their methodologies.

Ecosystem & Partnership: Best Ecosystem Program



Intel Network Builders

In 2013 Intel identified the need to create a cross industry ecosystem of partner companies to address the complexities in the development of SDN & NFV solutions. It was also recognized that there was a need to move to open source and open standards based development practices in order to simplify and accelerate deployment of innovative new services.

Intel Network Builders, which has a community of 280+ members, was launched with the vision of accelerating network transformation by promoting innovation and collaboration between community members, by working with a cross industry ecosystem to address critical network transformation challenges.



Ecosystem 2.0

NEC/Netcracker's Ecosystem 2.0 Program is the next evolution in partner collaboration necessary to commercialize multi-vendor virtualized services. With Ecosystem 2.0, we build much deeper partner relationships that go significantly beyond VNF onboarding to focus on service commercialization and monetization including service creation and onboarding, unified license management, partner commercial agreements and BSS/OSS microservices.

The result is a digital marketplace of reusable service assets together with a collaborative environment for carriers and partners. The value for CSPs is rapid revenue growth with up to 70% faster time-to-market and continuous, agile, service innovation with best-in-class multi-vendor software.

Ecosystem & Partnership: Best NFV Interoperability



EnterpriseWeb Metamodel for a Virtual Function Package

EnterpriseWeb has collaborated with leading CSPs and vendors to demonstrate interoperability in complex, open, multi-vendor eco-systems. Last year the company contributed a "Metamodel for a Virtual Function Package", to the TMF.

The Metamodel represents a universal template for onboarding VNFs, which allows mapping of proprietary interfaces to standards-based APIs, while capturing unique characteristics of each discrete VNF. The Metamodel provides a flexible, extensible and adaptable model for capturing functional descriptions of VNFs as well as non-functional metadata and metrics for managing them. The Metamodel allows CSPs to streamline onboarding and automate downstream processes and lifecycle management.



Wind River Titanium Cloud Ecosystem

The Wind River Titanium Cloud Ecosystem program ensures the availability of optimized, interoperable solutions that accelerate time-to-market for service providers and TEMs deploying NFV infrastructure.

Stemming from our ecosystem collaboration, Wind River, Dell EMC and Saguna have worked to enable MEC as a new telco business opportunity.

Through our program, Dell EMC servers and Saguna MEC middleware have been pre-integrated and validated with the Titanium Cloud platform. By extension, these partner solutions are also pre-validated with dozens of other components, providing proven end-to-end solutions that spans multiple layers within the overall NFV architecture.

Ecosystem & Partnership: Best Open Source Development



Open Source MANO (OSM)

ETSI Open Source MANO (OSM) is a collaborative open community focused on delivering an open source Management and Orchestration (MANO) stack aligned with ETSI NFV Information Models.

As an operator-led community, OSM is offering a production-quality open source MANO stack that meets the requirements today and in the future for competitive, commercial NFV networks. Since its inception in February 2016, OSM has grown to encompass almost 80 organizations and three releases.

Ecosystem & Partnership: Best Validation/Certification Program



Huawei Cloud Open Labs

Huawei Cloud Open Labs provide SDN/NFV integrated testing and certification service. We devote to the establishment of open ecosystem with the industry multi-dimensional cooperation. Currently, we have completed 46 cooperative test projects, including 93 scenes of interoperability verification / certification, POC and commercial. And completed verification/certification test with 60+ vendors, accumulated issued 48 certifications, received 13 partners' certifications.

Huawei Cloud Open Labs provide a complete multi-vendor test environment, including traditional PNF network and VNF network, covering the whole network of products, involving 500+ kinds of equipment, 110+ solutions, and 100+ verification projects experience.

Individual Achievement: Contribution to Network Transformation



Don Clarke

NFV did not exist as a topic prior to publication of a white paper in October 2012. Don Clarke then at BT led the creation of this paper which was co-authored by 13 global carriers and is widely regarded to be the seminal document introducing the NFV concept.

The carriers outlined the benefits and challenges and defined the term "Network Function Virtualisation" or simply "NFV." The paper was the culmination of months of discussions amongst the carriers led by Don who went on to co-found ETSI NFV and OPNFV.

Individual Achievement: Contribution to Open Source / Open Networking



Huang Zhipeng

Zhipeng Huang is nominated for the individual achievement award for his activities in OpenStack , OPNFV as well as ETSI.

Innovation & Technology: Best Energy Efficiency




Global information and communications technology (ICT) emissions are increasing due to bandwidth growth. Solutions are required that can compensate for the increase in energy-consumption and emissions.

The ADVA FSP 3000 product line has been among the most energy-efficient WDM systems for more than 10 years. With latest innovations, it is approaching efficiency of 0.1 W/Gb/s, a value not seen in optical transmission systems so far. This technology will enable our industry to compensate for the emissions increase in the wireline-networks ICT segment. It also reduces customers' operating cost, which are partially driven by energy consumption.

Innovation & Technology: Best Quantum Leap

Linux-Foundation, the Universal Dataplane, an open-source project that's focused on establishing a high-performance I/O services framework for dynamic computing environments, recently achieved significant performance gains reaching terabit levels at multimillion route scale.

Architectural improvement increases in latest Intel Xeon Scalable processor family – such as increased PCIe bandwidth – allow to double its performance at scale without modification to the software. is the only vSwitch for which performance scaling is IO bound rather than CPU bound.

Innovation & Technology: Best Start-up Company




Barefoot Networks has created technology that is fundamentally transforming the way networks are designed, built and operated.

Network architects and solution providers can now code their desired packet processing behavior, using P4 programming language, and run this code on Barefoot's programmable switching ASICs giving them control of the full network stack down to the wire.

First in our groundbreaking series of products is Barefoot Tofino(TM) – industry's first fully P4-programmable Ethernet switch with throughput up to 6.5Tb/s. Tofino and P4 are enabling network owners to take control of their destiny from the forwarding plane up.

Innovation & Technology: Best Technology Innovation Program



Verizon Service Designer

Enabling a simple, visually oriented platform that customers can use to design and order complex network services is very important strategy to drive digital transformation and meeting demands for superior customer experience. Verizon Service Designer, Intuitive Visual Design tool, is a cornerstone Strategy for Enterprise customers.

• It as a unified portal to create, maintain, manage large complex E2E network designs for legacy, Wireless, IOT, SDN/NFV Network services.

• Manages lifecycle from service design to configuration by tying together BSS and OSS stack by abstracting away complexities.

• Improves Network Agility through on demand creation and consumption of network services.

Marketing Excellence: Best Marketing Campaign



The NFV Playbook

Openwave Mobility developed "The NFV Playbook", an e-book intended to be the definitive practical guide for mobile operators deploying NFV on their network. It was developed to be highly educational, covering the realities of NFV implementations from business, technical and financial perspectives.

The e-book incorporates content from NFV experts at Openwave Mobility plus respected industry analysts. Each chapter was marketed separately as a "10-minute brief", supported with custom landing pages, social media pushes, email marketing and digital advertising campaigns. The campaign has delivered nearly 120 operator leads and led to discussions about a follow-up workshop with a further 22 operators.

Product & Solution: Best New Automation & Management

Zhejiang Mobile


VAS Cloud and NB-IoT

Since March 2017, Zhejiang Mobile, a branch of China Mobile group, together with Huawei Technologies began to carry out construction of NFVO+ solution (NFVO+ Assurance) as Next Generation OSS of Telco Cloud, focusing on full Automation and Intelligent O&M. The NFVO+ solution is micro-services based and completely open and flexible to support cross-layer O&M automation in a multi-vendor and multi-datacenter environment. Zhejiang Mobile plans to evolve NFVO+ to be the unified and integrated OSS for future network.

The first use-cases such as VAS Cloud and NB-IoT will be deployed as part of CMCC's Telco cloud strategy.

Product & Solution: Best New Cloud-Optical Solution



Cloud Access On Demand

Colt's Dedicated Cloud Access On Demand service transforms the private cloud connectivity customer experience. This innovative SDN-enabled offering allows customers to request connections into the cloud via an intelligent online customer portal.

Connections are provisioned in real time, reducing traditional telco service delivery lead times from weeks/months to near real time. It also allows customers to flex bandwidths up and down, bringing cloud-like flexibility to the network. Customers have also the option to choose per-hour pricing plans, as well as more traditional fixed term contracts. The service is available in 19,000 enterprise buildings and 500 data centres across Europe.



CloudOptiX |TSDN solution

Digital transformation has become the direction for carriers to overcome the current and future challenges. In the process, services provided by carriers often lack elasticity, agility, and openness, compared with over-the-top services in the Internet. As a result, network investments keep increasing, new services have poor innovation capabilities, and the carriers are caught up in this dilemma. The traditional network faces the following challenges:

1: Complex networks cannot meet ever-changing service requirements.
2: Traditional networks cannot address tremendous increases in DC interconnection traffic.
3: Services in mainstream OTT mode cause traffic unpredictable.
4: Closed networks cannot meet service innovation requirements.

Product & Solution: Best New Hardware Platform




DCEngine is the first hardware platform, based on the OCP-ACCEPTED CG-OpenRack-19 specification, which enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to transform their central offices into hyperscale SDN-enabled virtualized data centers.

It includes support for the Intel Xeon scalable processors to accelerate cloud service innovation and enable new digital experiences that require massive compute and storage, with advanced analytics. CSPs leveraging DCEngine in their data centers can improve TCO through reduced real estate footprint by 55%, resulting in up to 35% cost savings over a period of three years, as well as substantial reduction in power consumption, hardware and software support costs.

Product & Solution: Best New Open Source Product



Wind River Titanium Edge SX

Wind River Titanium Edge SX helps service providers efficiently address a wide range of edge-hosted applications and maximize CAPEX and OPEX savings via a nimble single-server configuration with full telco-grade security.

Titanium Edge SX consolidates control, compute and storage nodes into an integrated software package that can be deployed in a "simplex" configuration on a single low-cost physical server. It is an integrated NFV infrastructure software solution designed to meet the stringent "always on" requirements of the telecom industry.

Product & Solution: Best New Orchestration & Control




The innovative and industry leading CloudShell platform from Quali has been selected as a finalist in the Best New Orchestration & Control Product category.

CloudShell offers Networking companies a standardized approach based on TOSCA to orchestrate infrastructure and foster rapid adoption of new technologies such as SDN, NFV and SD-WAN.



ZTE Carrier DevOps Builder

ZTE Carrier DevOps Builder is the first carrier commercial devops platform of the industry, which is based on container, embedded with abundant telco VNF micro-service components warehouse (include 3rd party components ), supports graphical NS (network service and network slicing) templates, introduces DevOps mode, integrates "design+ fulfillment +assurance ", provides E2E orchestration capability, enables CSP digital transformation.

ZTE Carrier DevOps Platform has a quantity of enhanced Carrier Grade characteristics components, such as high reliability, high performance, redundancy, etc.

ZTE Carrier DevOps Builder is leading digital service product platform. It has helped many carriers to implement automatically design and deployment characteristic.

Product & Solution: Best New Product (unclassified)



Flat panel microwave antenna product line

Up until now, small flat panel microwave antennas have not been compatible with mobile backhaul networks due to the cost and performance issues associated with them.

CommScope has changed this with the launch of the smallest, high gain flat panel antennas that not only meet ETSI Class 3 performance specifications but beat them in many areas with Class 4 typical radiation patterns and extremely high efficiency. All in a package designed to integrate with the radio to make the antenna blend into the urban environments. These antennas are an enabler for tomorrow's mobile backhaul networks running on SDN/NFV topologies.



Agilio SmartNIC Platform

The Agilio SmartNIC Platform is a ground-breaking and versatile solution consisting of hardware and software for NFVi and VNF acceleration.

Product & Solution: Best New Security Solution



NetNumber Multi-protocol Signaling Firewall

The NetNumber Multi-protocol Signaling Firewall is the industry's most comprehensive signalling firewall, providing protection for all signalling protocols including SS7, Diameter, SIP, HTTP and DNS/ENUM.

As these firewall applications can be combined seamlessly with other NetNumber applications such as an STP, DSC, HSS or HLR on the same TITAN platform, telecom operators have an unprecedented level of multi-protocol signaling protection, flexibility and operational uniformity in a platform that can reduce Opex/Capex costs and improve efficiency.

Product & Solution: Best New VNF Application




EE and Huawei worked together to successfully deploy Europe's largest commercial virtualized PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) solution, which is based on NFV technology.

The multi-vendor solution increases the complexity of system integration, and to minimize integration risks, the NFV solution was pre-integration and pre-validation in the test labs. In total it requires 2 months to complete the voice PCRF deployment that support 20M subscribers. At the same time, it is possible for EE to deliver an enhanced VoLTE experience through its QoS policy enforcement.

Vertical Application: Best Vertical Application



Service Oriented Core (SOC, 5G Core Solution)

Service Oriented Core (SOC) is Huawei's 5G core network solution based on Cloud Native architecture. SOC is the enabler of services for all kinds of vertical applications. It extends the value of existing consumer market and gains the value of vertical industries such as autonomous driving, industrial controlling, AR/VR, smart city, etc. helping operators to achieve future-oriented business success.

Huawei SOC has been working with global leading operators to put 5G services into practice, which accelerates the ideal-to-reality of new applications.


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