Network Transformation Awards - 2018 Winners #layer123






Congratulations to the 2018 Network Transformation Award Winners! Layer123 thanks all persons and companies making nominations, all nominations making the Shortlist, and all 2018 Winners announced.

These Network Transformation Awards RECOGNISE achievement in advancing the industry to the next generation of networks.  We CELEBRATE innovation and excellence in delivering the next generation of products and services founded on SDN and NFV. Winners INSPIRE determination, progress and future collaboration between executives, leaders and activists.

Layer123 manages an open and transparent process, so that Awards are made with the highest credibility and integrity. Winners can be confident to receive an authentic Award, that highlights their leadership and achievement, and gives credit to themselves and their company.

The Awards are judged independently by a panel of leading analysts invited from SDN NFV Congress Analyst Partners. Layer123 thanks them for their time and their support.

View the full list of winners below!


Cloud & Carrier Platform
Best NaaS Platform


Colt On Demand

On Demand is Colt’s SDN-enabled self-service platform that provides real time connectivity between data centres, enterprise buildings and cloud service providers in Europe and Asia Pacific. On Demand offers a number of benefits including online ordering, rapid service delivery & bandwidth flexing and supports both traditional multi-year fixed term contracts and an innovative flexible commercial model which allows customers to contract on a per-hour basis. 

On Demand services can be delivered into 570+ data centres, 20,000+ enterprise locations and 20 network access points into the public cloud across 12 countries in Europe and Asia Pacific.


 Best SD-WAN and Enterprise Service


VMware Velocloud NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud

VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud enables enterprises of all sizes with network agility, flexibility, security and scalability as enterprise applications move to the cloud and enterprise branches and remote offices grow or shrink with changing business needs. 

Compared to traditional WAN deployments, VMware NSX SD-WAN enables enterprises to deploy their wide area networks as much as 100xfaster while dramatically reducing costs. Traditional WAN design is based on multiple devices stacked in the branch office with siloed management and disparate WAN links connecting them.  


Best Service for Developing World


Huawei & HKT “Mobile CloudVPN” service on telco cloud and hybrid network

HKT in partnership with Huawei, undertook an E2E digital transformation, named ‘Project Earth’ which cuts across Service, Business Process and all the way down to the Network Layer. It aims to deliver customer centric experience in the whole customer journey with agility in service creation.

The HKT's cloud based infrastructure composes of BSS and the Cloudified Network which consists of Service & Resource Design, Orchestration and Assurance, VNFs (vPGW, vIMS, etc.), NFVI and SDN.

The Cloudified Network was brought into service at the end of Year 2017, HKT has successfully launched its Commercial Mobile Service based on this Cloudified Network.

Ecosystem & Partnership
Best Ecosystem Program


VMware Ready for Network Functions Virtualization

To harness 5G, communication service providers need virtualized networks, and partners with the knowledge and ability to deliver that. To support that, VMware Ready for NFV is a comprehensive certification program that assures interoperability and operational readiness between 3rd party-developed VNFs and the ETSI-compliant VMware vCloud NFV platform.



Best Network Transformation Project


Netcracker Full Stack Solution 

Digital Transformation is a huge undertaking for CSPs and requires significant technical, business and organization changes that can only happen if driven from the executive level down. And it can only happen when the CSP and vendor change their traditional ways of working and embark on a true partnership.

Telefonica Business Solutions successfully executed their IT and Network transformation with Netcracker as a trusted partner. The transformation was significant as it encompassed the full stack from IT to network virtualization with the goal of redefining customer experience.



Individual Achievement
Individual Contribution to Network Transformation

Marcus Hacke, ngena GmbH

Dr. Marcus Hacke’s dynamic vision solved the challenges enterprises experience in todays digital age by forming ngena ‘the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance’. The brilliant leader made the journey of the company swifter and easier by taking conceptual measures like a) the formation of a strong global alliance of 20+ leading telecommunication providers by means of a sharing economy model, b) connecting their regional networks to one SD-WAN and c) using an end-to-end automated service orchestration to provide hybrid VPNs for enterprises via d) a central portal supporting all business and operational processes. 

Innovation & Technology
Best AI/ML Application


NetAnticipate is a highly scalable, intent-based prescriptive AI platform for realizing zero-human touch network operation. The solution analyses substantial number of hidden and hierarchical influencers to predict potential network anomalies, build autonomous decisions, and take preventive actions. Autonomous feedback loop ensures the network self-learns to improve actions it takes over time. NetAnticipate use cases span across intelligent service roll-out e.g. cognitive radio network planning, fiber optics cable layout planning etc., intelligent network operation e.g. predictive maintenance, root cause analytics etc., and intelligent 5G network slice life-cycle management.


Huawei IDN Solution

Huawei’s Intent-Driven Network (IDN) is a solution framework that integrates modern software technologies to create intelligence in management, control and analytics, and build network simplification into the hardware infrastructure. The key enabler of IDN is the Network Cloud Engine, which is modeled after the enhanced Digital Twin technology in a cloud-based platform, and supported by ABC (Artificial Intelligence, Big-Data and Cloud) technologies; an industry first and Huawei’s core differentiation. IDN is an attempt to bridge the gap between the business intent and the network, employing step approach from closed-loop automation to service adaptive and eventually to network autonomy.


Best Network Edge

China Mobile & ZTE’s C/U Separated Carrier-grade vBRAS Solution 

With the rapid development of MAN services, the traditional BRAS shows its weaknesses in low resource utilization, slow service provisioning, and complicated O&M, which cannot be solved by mainstream vBRAS with closely-coupled control and forwarding planes. Additionally, limited by chip performance, forwarding only by X86 cannot satisfy the service demands. Therefore, China Mobile proposes innovative vBRAS based on C/U separated architecture. ZTE actively cooperates and launches carrier-grade vBRAS which can meet large-scale MAN services with high scalability and reliability besides its capability to substitute the traditional BRAS. Solving the three dilemmas, It becomes the most suitable vBRAS for the operators.

 Best Start-Up Company

Lumina Networks

Lumina Networks believes the future is open software networks where service providers are in control of their development. Lumina is the catalyst that brings open software networking out of the lab and into the live network. We develop open source platforms and provide NetDev Services to jointly deliver production systems and to transfer know-how in Agile Software Development methods. Lumina secured it's Series A funding round in May 2018 for 10 million dollars. The round was led by Verizon Ventures and joined by AT&T.

Best Technology Innovation Program


One Core For All-Huawei Cloud Core Solution

Huawei’s automation innovation based on NFV & SDN synergy and AI enablement, as implemented in global cloud core commercial project accordingly. This is the timely innovation to satisfy the requirement as industry urges automated delivery to launch process and zero-touch OAM solution for telco-cloud. The innovative automation technology enable operators to migrate from legacy network to telco cloud efficiently, reliably and quickly. Needless to mention that it saves TCO significantly. The innovation, as proved in cloud core network transformation projects, will obviously boost the confidence of whole industry to accelerate cloud transformation.

Marketing Excellence
Best Marketing Campaign

Private LTE Networks

Private LTE networks are deployed by public safety, defense organizations, and other enterprise vertical markets that need secure, reliable LTE communications in the field.  These networks enable enterprises to extend or augment their existing IP infrastructures with private wireless solutions that allow for enhanced capabilities, secure communications in emergencies and large-scale coverage in hard-to-reach locations. The NetNumber Private LTE solution leverages our TITAN architecture to provide a flexible, scalable Private LTE solution that has a low capex entry point and is simple to operate. All software components are 3GPP-standards compliant and are used to implement Private LTE solutions globally.

Product & Solution

Best New Automation & Management

ZTE CloudStudio automation solution with velcom

ZTE CloudStudio solution is in charge of NS/VNF lifecycle management, hardware and virtual resources management and monitoring to achieve orchestration and management of network services. Based on the AI technology and automation software framework, ZTE CloudStudio solution provides end-to-end CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) capabilities for telecom networks and large data processing capabilities for telecom operations to achieve full network automation without any manual intervention. velcom plans to build new OSS with automation and AI features to reduce OPEX and improve customer satisfaction. After comparing industry’s mainstream solutions, velcom selects ZTE’s CloudStudio solution to achieve its goal.



Best New Cloud Infrastructure

ZTE 5G Distributed Cloud Solution 

ZTE 5G Distributed Cloud Solution provides a one-stop cloud infrastructure solution based on the architecture of "Access Cloud-Edge Cloud-Center Cloud", characterized by unattended O&M, convenient deployment and low resource consumption for Access Cloud ; high performance and high reliability for Edge Cloud ; efficient resource orchestration and intelligent O&M for Center Cloud. The solution effectively supports the urgent need of large traffic, low latency and multiple scenarios from 5G services at the infrastructure level and also builds an open IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform for rapid business innovation of vertical industries..


Best New Cloud-Native VNF

ZTE Convergent Common Core for 2G/3G/4G/5G/Fixed network 

ZTE Convergent Common Core for 2G/3G/4G/5G/Fixed network provides a complete cloud-native 5G-oriented packet core solution. It supports smooth evolution to convergent network with minimum investments.


Best New Cloud-Optical Solutions


Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) service

Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) services successfully expanded direct interconnectivity to Public Cloud Service Providers including Google Cloud Interconnect, IBM Direct Link and connectivity to other Cloud Service Providers. DCA service availability has increased towards >850 datacentres and >26,000 enterprise-buildings Worldwide.


Best New Edge & Access Solution 

Huawei Innovative CloudCO Solution

Innovative CloudCO solution included Cloud-based BNG and Access Network products. The solution is based on CU separation and SDN architecture, which can combine the advantages of CT and IT technologies. The solution extremely simplified O&M, build a flexible and efficient Edge Network and Access network. Huawei CloudCO solution support telecom operator’s CO infrastructure evolution to next generation Cloud architecture. Huawei Cloud CO solution include Cloud-based BNG and Access Network have leading commercial deployment in the industry, jointly cooperate with both China Mobile, China Unicom , Telefonica and Swisscom.


ZTE CO Re-architecting Solution - the Optimal Edge Access Scheme 

To help the operator reuse the traditional devices in the CO and protect their prior investment, ZTE CO Re-architecting solution is proposed to reactivate the local CO resources to meet the new service requirements of low delay and large bandwidth so as to provide an agile, intelligent and integrated O&M system by using the technology of the cloud edge DC, the virtualized BRAS based on C/U separation, and the E2E orchestration system covering OLT, vBRAS and CO. In the end, it can help operators reduce CAPEX and OPEX, and enhance their competitiveness in the age of cloudification.


Best New NFVi Platform

Enea NFV Access

Enea® NFV Access features a lightweight virtualization software runtime platform - without the need for OpenStack - designed for deployment on edge devices at the customer premise. It is streamlined for high networking performance with minimal RAM footprint for both platform and VNFs, resulting in very high compute density. Enea NFV Access provides a foundation for vCPE/SD-WAN agility and innovation, reducing cost and complexity for computing at the network edge.


Best New NFVi Platform

ZTE TECS CloveStorage

The ZTE distributed unified storage system TECS CloveStorage, based on Ceph, performs improved storage management function, and optimizes performance for applications of the actual production environment, fully meeting requirements of customer.

The CloveStorage enhances performance, reliability, and security on the basis of Ceph to meet carrier-grade demands for telecom network cloudification deployment. And it brings following values for customers:

- Fast planning and deployment, shorter launch time.

- Simplified management and maintenance, integrated management of physical and virtual infrastructure. 

- Elastic expansion, cost predictability in the expansion process.

Best New Orchestration & Control

Adaptive, Closed-Loop Network Automation with Ciena's Blue Planet

Stemming from recent additions of path computation capabilities across Layers 0-3, an intent-based policy subsystem that leverages open-source components from ONAP, and a consolidated analytics software and services strategy, Ciena’s Blue Planet software now provides a single, cohesive and open software platform optimized for closed-loop network automation. Blue Planet serves as the foundation for Ciena’s adaptive network vision, providing the industry’s only multi-domain, multi-vendor, and multi-layer platform with advanced DevOps capabilities that allows service providers to use deep knowledge about their networks to power programmable automation of their services and operations, and accelerate the evolution of becoming digital service providers.


Best New Security Solution

Huawei SPS Solution

Huawei's SPS (Signaling Process System) is a future-oriented converged signaling solution that can be deployed as multi-protocol Signaling Firewall (SFW), including SS7, Diameter, SIP, and 5G HTTP signaling. This firewall solution is embedded in its Signaling Transfer Point (STP), Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), and SIP Signaling Router (SSR). 

With Huawei SPS operators can deploy 2G/3G/4G unified signaling management functions and seamlessly embedded multi-layer signaling security capabilities. The in-depth security analysis system greatly improves operator efficiency. The Huawei SPS solution enables 5G evolution.



Best New Product (unclassified)

Huawei 5G MEC

Huawei CloudMSE is a cloud based Gi-LAN solution that uses closed-loop traffic management to improve operator profits. It analyzes all of the data traffic, encrypted or not, identifying traffic for different applications and users, which allows it to manage traffic by throttling bandwidth for some services and improving experience for others. CloudMSE can integrate various apps for different operator requirements, including TCP and video optimization. CloudMSE provides the following benefits:

1) Powerful capability of managing traffic

2) Experience Insurance

3) TCO Reduction

4) Easy integration of value-added services


Vertical Application
Best Vertical Application

Huawei Unified Policy Control Function

Huawei Unified Policy Control Function (UPCF) provides a unified policy center to support policy control and access & mobility management. UPCF is key to secure network behavior when users access data services, including authorizing the services, assigning a QoS for the data-session or charging for the service. 

In the 5G environment, Huawei UPCF is used for scheduling the resources of the network slices. This solution has extended the reach of the policy server to include policy enforcement on mobile devices. The aim is to maintain ultra-low, millisecond-level, E2E latency and a gigabyte-level data rate for vertical industries.