SDN NFV World Congress 2019: What to Expect

Photo: SDN NFV World Congress 2019 what to expect

The SDN NFV World Congress comes at an exciting time for network transformation. 

With SDN moving from development to application, NFV likely to follow the same path, and network automation making strides, there is plenty to talk about on the technological side. And as vendor offerings increase and buyers gain knowledge of the market, the industry is keeping a close eye on moves towards open networking, making cooperation across the ecosystem more important than ever. 

Not only that, the world’s insatiable appetite for applications like 5G and IoT – even if, at the consumer level, much of this is still hype – means creating more agile networking solutions is a top priority for companies across the ecosystem. 

Against this backdrop, the SDN NFV World Congress agenda has expanded its scope for 2019. We have more senior speakers, more keynotes, and more areas of focus – dealing with the business case for network transformation while staying true to our roots of encouraging technical pioneers. We’re looking heavily at open networking, SDN and NFV use cases, what’s really happening with edge cloud, requirements for 5G rollouts, and more. 

Finally, let’s not forget the other side of why we come to The Hague every year - a chance to catch up, benchmark, and share our experiences. We’ve made several changes to the format of the Congress so delegates can make the most of their week, including a revamped Network transformation Awards, a Content Hub for showcasing solutions, and various networking receptions. 

Here are some of the highlights:

Workshops And Summits

The Congress kicks off with a series of workshops hosted by Ericsson, MEF, the ONF, ETSI and Netcracker, with a forward look at 5G, next-gen SDN and more. 

Additionally, Intel® Network Builders is hosting a full-day Summit in conjunction with SDN NFV World Congress on October 14. At this exclusive summit, you will learn from industry experts who are driving the evolution of the network on topics surrounding NFVI, Edge, uCPE, SD-WAN and 5G.  This Summit is open to all SDN NFV World Congress delegates and Intel Network Builders partners are welcome to register to the Oct 14th Summit complimentary by using code INNBW. 
Immediately following the Intel Network Builders Summit, join Intel for an off-site reception and networking event to celebrate the new winners of the 2019 Intel® Network Builders Winners’ Circle awards!  Spaces are limited. To learn more and register, click here.

In addition, if you're attending SDN NFV World Congress 2019 this year, Red Hat would like to invite you to a roundtable for ecosystem partners to discuss two important issues for open source in telecoms today: 

First up: configuration and fine tuning. Both are foundational to a network's performance. Secondly, the inside track on how service providers can achieve the necessary performance, scalability and security in networks with open source. Finally, the discussion will address how the Common NFVI Telco Task Force (CNTT), formed in June this year, will seek agreement from NFVi vendors to VNF suppliers, service providers and their customers on a standard set of profiles to overcome the plethora of different NFV infrastructures. 

This moderated discussion among a small group behind closed doors will be hosted by Timo Jokiaho, Telco Partner Technology Development at Red Hat, at 11am on 14th October 2019 during the SDN NFV World Congress 2019. 


Every day of the Congress starts with a morning of keynote presentations in the main arena. These speakers represent the full ecosystem, and their presentations – all unique to the SDN NFV World Congress – cover everything from cloud-native infrastructure to how the benefits of NFV are driving 5G rollout. 
A real highlight is the Keynote Panel on 15 October. Called ‘No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it’, the panel will discuss the importance of cooperation across the ecosystem. And with representation from Facebook, Verizon, Ofcom, Fortinet, Equinox, ADVA, the Dutch Data Centre Association and AvidThink, this really does cover the whole orchestra. 
Other keynote sessions include: 
Victoria Lonker, Verizon: Our SDN/NFV Experience: What does a carrier-grade SDN/NFV look like? 

Ben Azvine, BT: Operator keynote: AI in cybersecurity 

Chris Donley, Salesforce: Automating network security in the public cloud 

Sandeep Hebbani, Facebook: Running a network @ scale: the role of software and SDN 


Panel Discussions 

If you don’t make it to the keynote panel, there are no fewer than 10 more group discussions to choose from across the four days, including: 

The Common NFVi Task Force (CNTT): Building consensus on NFV Infrastructure 

What lessons have we learnt from Open Source Deployments? 

SDN & Net Neutrality: From zero-rating to 5G 

Towards disaggregation in IP and Optical Networks 
All the panel discussions at the Congress include speakers from across the value chain – so you can get the full picture from a carefully balanced group of experts. 


After lunch, each day of the Congress then breaks into four separate tracks, meaning delegates can dive into specific areas in more detail. These content streams cover Orchestration Automation & NFV; SDN & Programmability; Edge Computing; Open Networking Harmonization; SD-WAN, Emerging Technologies; and NFV Progress – with dozens of speakers across the tracks. 


Network Transformation Awards

The Network Transformation Awards will take place on the evening of 16 October at the Grand Hotel Amrath Kurhaus, with 12 categories covered. All delegates have the opportunity to book a place at the awards ceremony – a single seat, a half table of 5 or a full table of 10. 


Network Receptions 

There are opportunities to keep things going after the presentations on each day of the Congress. 

There are opportunities to keep things going after the presentations on each day of the Congress. On Monday 14 October, immediately following the Intel Network Builders Summit, Intel will host an off-site reception and networking event to celebrate the new winners of the 2019 Intel® Network Builders Winners’ Circle awards.

Verizon and Huawei will also both host receptions for all registered delegates – the Huawei Pre-Event Reception at 17:30 on Monday 4 October, and the Verizon Welcome Networking Reception at 17:30 on Tuesday 15 October. 


What Else Is New?

One big change you can expect to see is the Content Hub, an open area for companies to present their developments in a more inclusive environment than the arena stage. Drop by the Hub on every afternoon of the Congress to see the absolute newest in network transformation, from companies like Netcracker, Ixia, Huawei, Infinera, and plenty more. 


The SDN NFV World Congress 2019 has now finished but click here to find out more about our 2020 event, Layer123 World Congress:
Service Evolution Beyond SDN and NFV