Open BNG: bringing open networking to fixed access

Open networking initiatives are becoming a commercial reality across the network with SDN, Open RAN and others  – and now it is the turn of fixed access to benefit from control-data separation with Open BNG initiatives.

With this in mind, Layer123  included as part of the World Congress a special Keynote Panel Discussion - Next Generation of Open and Disaggregated BNG. The underlying drivers for BNG disaggregation are the same as what is powering open networking across radio and wider network management – separating the control and data planes for BNGs will help operators centralise management, enhance performance, and achieve flexibility in operations, including the ability to scale services up and down according to real-time demand.

But the events of the past two years have made it imperative for fixed access to follow suit. Explosive traffic growth across fixed access networks is making it hard for operators to determine the best location for existing BNGs, making a centralised, scalable and low-touch fixed access network more important than ever.

With the lack of open hardware in the market that operators can use for a range of softwares – as well as a lack of open software and APIs themselves - this zero-touch provisioning and cost optimisation can prove difficult. 

With speakers from top-tier operators, the initiatives in Open BNG so far, including from Broadband Forum and TIP, focusing on design features, commercial drivers, and how operators can implement truly open fixed access across their networks.

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