Noviflow’s updated CyberMapper Aggregator network packet broker: SDN at silicon speeds

Canadian firm Noviflow will officially announce the launch of the CyberMapper Aggregator, a next-generation network packet broker, at this year’s Layer123 World Congress – with the technology already deployed in a Tier-1 CSP network in North America.

CyberMapper Aggregator helps users upgrade their Network Packet brokers to handle more sophisticated packet broker rule sets at multiple Terabit speeds, offering high speed and throughput while ensuring ease of integration into current network set-ups – and cutting rule requirements at the same time. Leveraging Intel Tofino-based 3rd party white box hardware, the tool translates simple human readable configuration files or API calls into powerful rule sets within the Intel Tofino programmable match-action silicon. This provides aggregate throughput of up to 6.4Tbps at line-rate and supporting interface speeds of 10G to 100G for maximum compatibility with existing network infrastructure.

At the heart of the CyberMapper Aggregator is the FlowAgent pipeline which aggregates, filters, replicates and load balances flows of interest. At the end of the FlowAgent pipeline are the “toolset” agents, each of which directs output to a single port, mirrors to multiple ports or load balances across multiple visibility/security tools. Since not every tool can handle the same volume of traffic, the agents use weighted load balancing to specify the volume of traffic to be directed to each device.

CyberMapper Aggregator was developed using P4 and white-box switches that leverage the rich functionality of Intel’s Tofino chip’s advanced programmable pipeline architecture, delivering packet brokering capabilities not possible with conventional switching silicon. As a result, CyberMapper Aggregator can reduce by up to 50% the number of rules needed to express aggregation requirements, delivering significant savings in both time and effort needed to create and maintain even complex rule sets, and the programmable parser in the Tofino chip enables new features and protocols to be added at the speed of software development.

According to Dominique Jodoin, NoviFlow’s President and CEO: “NoviFlow’s CyberMapper Aggregator represents an exciting new way to get the right traffic from the network taps/SPANS to the right network analytics tools with unprecedented ease and flexibility. It greatly simplifies even the complex packet brokering needs and increased throughput requirements of 5G infrastructure."

NoviFlow will officially launch CyberMapper Aggregator at the Layer123 World Congress virtual event being held November 16th to 18th.  Registered attendees will be able to schedule meetings with the Noviflow team to learn more about the CyberMapper Aggregator and Noviflow’s other solutions – as well as viewing NoviFlow’s session: “CyberMapper Aggregator - a cost-effective and scalable SDN-based Packet Broker Solution for today’s complex and more demanding network architectures” featuring Director of Product Management Jeff Elpern. Register for that here.