4 network transformation stories: the secrets behind the success

2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the floating of the idea of network function virtualisation, with software-defined networking already gathering steam by this point.

These 10 years have seen some scarcely believable changes in how networks operate and the services they allow the industry to provide, with the more or less successful Covid response a glowing testament to the work put in and the progress made in building a more flexible, more customisable, and better manageable telecoms infrastructure.

Behind this performance, however, lies a lot of hard work. To deliver a 5G service, slice a network, or connect a smart factory, the networks underneath them need to be redesigned from the ground up according to new principles, virtualised, and re-architectured – in a word, network transformation. 

The Layer123 World Congress is the home of this kind of network transformation story. Every year, we invite network operators, associations, vendors and analysts to share their stories of how networks can be reimagined to take connectivity into the future.

This ebook contains four such stories from ETSI, Vodafone, Telecom Argentina and Colt Technologies - each covering a different aspect of network automation and transformation and how they achieved it within their organisations.

Download the report here.