The history of network transformation at Layer123: the early days

A look back at the early Layer123 events and how they helped move open networking forward.

Network automation in Russia: the MTS experience

Russia's telecoms sector brings unique opportunities and challenges, especially for network automation. Vadim Volovik from MTS discusses what the ISP is doing to enhance its networks and delves into the specifics of automating in the Russian context.

The importance of automating network operations: 'It's not enough to focus on window dressing'

Amdocs talk to Layer123 about the drivers of network automation and digitalization, the challenges services providers face, and how they can be overcome.

Anil Bhandari, Altiostar: “It is no longer possible to sustain innovation using current closed RAN business models”

Anil Bhandari, VP Product Management at Altiostar, discusses what needs to happen for Open RAN to continue its progress.

Getting ready for tomorrow: how network automation is transforming high-capacity transport networks

Christian Uremovic from Infinera discusses the challenges operators face, the applications helping them overcome these challenges, and what the future has in store.

A network automation state of mind

Network automation is an end-to-end process – so it touches almost every existing area of a telco’s operation. This means that organisational synergy must be running like clockwork for a network automation programme to succeed. In a preview of his talk on this subject at the Layer123 Network Automation Congress, Sri Lanka Telecom’s Anuradha Udunuwara talks about what telcos need to do to make sure their network automation programmes make a lasting difference.

4 real-world 5G use cases for 2021

4 real-world use cases for 5G technology in 2021 - away from the usual suspects.

AI, machine learning and AIOps: the next frontier of networking

Beth Cohen, SDN Technology Strategist at Verizon, reveals what AI and ML means to Verizon and other telcos, the cultural shifts the industry needs to make it a success, and what to bear in mind when rolling out machine learning across a telco network.

Moving to a software mindset: Cloud Native for telcos

Ahead of his presentation at the Layer123 World Congress 2020, Anuradha Udunuwara, Senior Architect at Sri Lanka Telecom, discusses the lie of the land when it comes to telco cloud native.

OpenRAN in the wild: from prospect to reality

OpenRAN, or disaggregation of radio hardware and software, is moving from concept to real-world use cases - and Vodafone is the latest operator to conduct large-scale trials, with the help of Mavenir equipment.

Layer123 to host a 5Growth webinar series on 5G use in industry

Layer123 is pleased to announce a series of webinars highlighting the work of the 5Growth consortium, a project dedicated to empowering industries with an end-to-end 5G solution that is AI-driven, automated and shareable. We will be collaborating with the consortium to bring you exclusive news and updates from the 5G project – with insights on new deliverables as soon as they are released.

Network Automation Award Winners 2020

Layer123 is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Network Automation Awards, held as part of the virtual Network Automation Webinar on 22 April. There were winners in five categories, with Cisco victorious in two categories - one in partnership with Telia Carrier - and Huawei, Mavenir and Telefónica also scooping prizes.

Infinera leads 800g charge – but could 400g be the real beneficiary?

Long-distance and high-capacity optical transportation took another step forward earlier this year, with Infinera announcing a successful 800g transmission over 950km in a live trial, on a live network – a first for the industry. The trial, carried out on a third-party line with live multi-vendor traffic alongside it, could be a milestone for driving down traffic costs for operators – but could it also serve as the catalyst for improvements at 400g level?

Smart grid powered by 5G SA network slicing

As a typical example of the vertical industry, smart grid poses new challenges to communications networks. The diversity of power grid services requires a flexible and orchestrated network, high reliability requires isolated networks, and millisecond-level ultra-low latency requires networks with optimal capabilities. 5G network slicing can address and meet all these diversified network connection requirements. The 5G SA networking slicing based smart grid innovation project has been proven as a valuable reference for the cooperation among global operators and enterprises in the 5G era.

How Telecoms Saves Lives: The TSF Story

Even though we spend our lives immersed in telecoms, we can still underestimate its importance in people’s lives – like oxygen or drinking water, it will be noticed as soon as it has gone.

KPN’s SDN/NFV Programme: What Lessons Have Been Learned?

Dutch carrier KPN is one of them. Having launched a carefully-planned SDN and NFV transformation programme in 2015, the past five years have seen great progress – and at the same time, highlighted the areas where a few calibrations may just be needed.

Mavenir and the March of OpenRAN: “Operators are Taking Power Into Their Own Hands”

Network automation has many strings to its bow, and the array of standards, initiatives, software and ideas is vast. But everything going on in the space shares a common factor – reducing vendor lock-in, and ultimately making it easier for operators to expand, innovate and ultimately make money.

Standardising SASE: ‘SD-WAN meets security at the network edge’

Ahead of the MEF and Layer123 webinar on secure access service edge (SASE) and SD-WAN security, we spoke to MEF’s CTO Pascal Menezes about MEF’s work in the space and what SASE could mean for organisations.

SDN and NFV in 2022: 8 Predictions

Software-defined networking has come a long way since the idea was floated at the turn of the decade.

SD-WAN in 3 Years: 8 Views From Across the Ecosystem Part 1

As open networking has evolved, most of the focus has quite rightly been on delivering functionality at the technical level.

SES Networks - Changing the Perception of Satellite

For many providers, business and production facilities, satellite connectivity has been the perfect backup – a high-quality, ultra-reliable connection that’s there when all else fails, or a solution for connecting ‘things that move’.

Telia Carrier’s Automation Journey: Inside and Out

Since its foundation, Sweden’s Telia Carrier has developed a strong core competency of delivering internet and voice services in its home market of the Nordic countries and beyond, operating across industries, service types and locations.