At Layer123, we connect everyone involved in the network transformation process – helping operators and network owners to virtualise their networks and find commercial benefits from the improved performance this transformation brings.

With presentations that are always unique to the events you hear them at, our congresses bring together representatives from telecoms operators, network owners, analysts, data centres, solution providers, and more – everyone with a voice in how networking is moving to an open future.

Sessions at our events don’t just cover technical details like SDN, NFV, OpenRAN, edge computing, applied AI, disaggregation, automation and orchestration. They also reveal how operators and network owners are commercialising these technologies - making a real difference to operator profitability.

The Network: News And Insights from Layer123 

Cloud Native – Telco Enhancement, the future of NFV

The Cloud Native – Telco Enhancement roundtable was held for the first time within the Layer213 World Congress, with leading telcos and vendors gathering to discuss NFV and Telco Cloud.

5GC Private Network 2.0 empowerment and efficiency improvement boosts high-quality development of the industry

By Zhang Fan, ZTE 5G Core Network Architect and Ye Jianyang, Chief Engineer of ZTE Private Network Product Planning

On-demand digital supply chains

The world has grown accustomed to on-demand content, goods, and services fulfilled immediately, and services like these require well-orchestrated, complex supply chains.

4 network transformation stories: the secrets behind the success

This ebook contains four case studies from ETSI, Vodafone, Telecom Argentina and Colt Technologies - each covering a different aspect of network automation and transformation and how they achieved it within their organisations.

11 insights from the Layer123 Reunion Congress: part 2

Dr. Mark H Mortensen, Principal Analyst at ACG Research, spent three days at the Layer123 Reunion: Intelligent Network Automation Congress in April - and here is his summary of what the speakers and delegates thought about some key issues in our industry.

11 insights from the Layer123 Reunion Congress: part 1

Dr. Mark H Mortensen, Principal Analyst at ACG Research, spent three days at the Layer123 Reunion: Intelligent Network Automation Congress in April - and here is his summary of what the speakers and delegates thought about some key issues in our industry.

Leveraging telecom AI for autonomous networks

Dr. Ye Ouyang, CTO & SVP of AsiaInfo Technologies, discusses how to leverage artificial intelligence to build autonomous networks, with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific area, including case studies related to energy saving for 5G networks, automated network slicing provision, and AIOps for fault management.

8 winners at the 2022 Layer123 Network Automation Awards

A broad selection of companies collected awards for outstanding contributions to the progress of network automation at this year’s Network Automation Awards – held as part of the Layer123 Reunion Network Automation Congress.

Speeding up time to revenue with automation

In today’s always-on world, enterprise customers expect to provision, order, and turn up managed network connectivity, and compute, security, and storage services through a single interface quickly and easily.

ETSI ZSM: “End to end automation is a big deal”

As the ETSI ZSM Working Group delivers a workshop at the Layer123 Reunion Congress in Madrid, we caught up with ISG ZSM Vice Chair Nurit Sprecher to discuss the current situation with zero-touch automation and intent-based networking.

Intent in autonomous networks

Why is the concept of intent essential to autonomous systems evolution and how does intent-driven automation draw from expertise across different sectors?

Powering industry 4.0 with purpose-built private networks

Vinay Dhar from Mavenir discusses how bespoke private networks can power next-generation industrial capability.

Making the 5G-powered smart factory possible

Comarch’s Lukasz Mendyk goes into how 5G and its associated uses is making the Smart Factory a reality.

Telecom Argentina's network automation journey: the full story

Miguel Masache outlines how Telecom Argentina is going about its network operation transformation.

Telefonica's core automation strategy

Cayetano Carbajo, Telefonica's Director for Core, Service and Transport functions, shares the Spanish operator's strategy for core evolution.

SDN and NFV: A reality check

Anuradha Udunawara from Sri Lanka Telecom gives a reality check for SDN and NFV - discussing the history and progress of the two initiatives so far, their current status, and where their relevance lies for network owners going forward.

Transforming OSS: focus on transport

Lloyd Mphalele, General Transport and OSS Tools Manager at South African operator MTN, discusses some of their experiences in transforming OSS and some of the approaches that are being taken.

Quantum computing for telecommunications – hype or hope?

Could quantum computing transform telecommunications? We take a look at its potential applications in the RAN, network security, optimisation and elsewhere.

A Mindset That Matters: Adopting new development patterns for operators

"There's a tremendous amount of value in terms of B2B interconnection - but the consumers who will drive that are the developers who will actually leverage the capability you are bringing to the market. This is a fundamental mindset shift - developers are the new consumers."

CSP transformation: Cloudification of BSS/OSS

Dave Milham from TM Forum discusses the preliminary work done by his organisation on cloudifying BSS and OSS.

OpenRAN: A surrogate to 5G dominance

Leading practitioners championing TIP’s Open RAN initiative and those united within the O-RAN Alliance discuss all things RAN.

Market Analysis 2021 by Roy Chua

Roy Chua, Founder and Principal of AvidThink, gives his traditional roundup of what happened in the telco and network transformation space in 2021 and what can be expected in the coming year.

MadQCI: The multiverse quantum testbed

Diego Lopez from Telefonica discusses the Spanish operator's move into the exciting sphere of quantum computing.

Edge computing in 2022: What the analysts and operators think

We sought out analyst and operator opinions on what might change in 2022 regarding edge computing and how operators can maximise its potential.


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