At Layer123, we connect everyone involved in the network transformation process – helping operators and network owners to virtualise their networks and find commercial benefits from the improved performance this transformation brings.

With presentations that are always unique to the events you hear them at, our congresses in The Hague, Madrid and Dubai bring together representatives from telecoms operators, network owners, analysts, data centres, solution providers, and more – everyone with a voice in how networking is moving to an open future.

Sessions at our events don’t just cover technical details like SDN, NFV, OpenRAN, edge computing, applied AI, disaggregation, automation and orchestration. They also reveal how operators and network owners are commercialising these technologies – making a real difference to operator profitability.

The Network: News And Insights from Layer123 

Network Transformation Awards 2020: The Winners

9 companies from across the connectivity ecosystem have won awards at the 4th Network Transformation Awards.

5G at Layer 123: Challenges and Opportunities

Adva’s Director of Technical Marketing Ulrich Kohn discusses the challenges of moving from 4G to 5G, open networking in mobile, and how hardware manufacturers can leverage the transition to disaggregated networks.

Moving to a software mindset: Cloud Native for telcos

Ahead of his presentation at the Layer123 World Congress 2020, Anuradha Udunuwara, Senior Architect at Sri Lanka Telecom, discusses the lie of the land when it comes to telco cloud native.

KPN’s SDN/NFV Programme: What Lessons Have Been Learned?

Dutch carrier KPN is one of them. Having launched a carefully-planned SDN and NFV transformation programme in 2015, the past five years have seen great progress – and at the same time, highlighted the areas where a few calibrations may just be needed.

Mavenir and the March of OpenRAN: “Operators are Taking Power Into Their Own Hands”

Network automation has many strings to its bow, and the array of standards, initiatives, software and ideas is vast. But everything going on in the space shares a common factor – reducing vendor lock-in, and ultimately making it easier for operators to expand, innovate and ultimately make money.

Network Transformation in 2020: 6 Trends to Watch

In the network transformation community, we’re now at the stage where we can look back as well as forward. Every year at the SDN NFV World Congress, we see more and more case studies among the sessions, and every implementation adds an extra layer to the story.


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