At Layer123, we connect everyone involved in the network transformation process – helping operators and network owners to virtualise their networks and find commercial benefits from the improved performance this transformation brings.

With presentations that are always unique to the events you hear them at, our congresses bring together representatives from telecoms operators, network owners, analysts, data centres, solution providers, and more – everyone with a voice in how networking is moving to an open future - whether you choose to take part virtually or be there in person.

Sessions at our events don’t just cover technical details like SDN, NFV, OpenRAN, edge computing, applied AI, disaggregation, automation and orchestration. They also reveal how operators and network owners are commercialising these technologies - making a real difference to operator profitability.

The Network: News And Insights from Layer123 

The history of network transformation at Layer123: the early days

A look back at the early Layer123 events and how they helped move open networking forward.

Anil Bhandari, Altiostar: “It is no longer possible to sustain innovation using current closed RAN business models”

Anil Bhandari, VP Product Management at Altiostar, discusses what needs to happen for Open RAN to continue its progress.

Network automation in Russia: the MTS experience

Russia's telecoms sector brings unique opportunities and challenges, especially for network automation. Vadim Volovik from MTS discusses what the ISP is doing to enhance its networks and delves into the specifics of automating in the Russian context.

The importance of automating network operations: 'It's not enough to focus on window dressing'

Amdocs talk to Layer123 about the drivers of network automation and digitalization, the challenges services providers face, and how they can be overcome.

Getting ready for tomorrow: how network automation is transforming high-capacity transport networks

Christian Uremovic from Infinera discusses the challenges operators face, the applications helping them overcome these challenges, and what the future has in store.

AI, machine learning and AIOps: the next frontier of networking

Beth Cohen, SDN Technology Strategist at Verizon, reveals what AI and ML means to Verizon and other telcos, the cultural shifts the industry needs to make it a success, and what to bear in mind when rolling out machine learning across a telco network.


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