Terabit Optical & Transport SDN

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WHY ATTEND - Terabit Optical & Transport SDN
  1. Be first to market - Terabits brings together the market innovators at the start of the year, and directly after OFC/NFOEC, to share their new solution roadmaps with you.
  2. Find out what is new and significant - Leading carriers share insights into their network evolution and procurement plans.
  3. Meet the industry's most experienced innovators - Terabits is unique in the level of senior support it receives from the optical community.
  4. Acquire knowledge in a more efficient manner - Terabit's industry Knowledge Exchange activities and approach to learning and networking provides you with the tools to make the most efficient use of your time by helping you to find, and engage with, the people you can benefit most from.


Introducing Transport SDN - Software-Defined Networking is coming to the transport layer soon - this is your first opportunity to discuss with experts the new concepts relating to extending SDN to the transport layer to enable open programmability and aid in multi-domain and multi-layer network integration, which is especially significant in the light of the platform convergence trend occuring within the optical transport space, and the role GMPLS may play within SDN. 

Enhanced focus on Network Monetization
- Unlock profitable growth through higher capacity and virtualization
- Exploit new optical platforms and control functions
- Profit from OTN/ASON powered on-demand services
- Map out the new revenue opportunities from 100G in Metro networks
- Consider the potential new business opportunities from 400G
- Examining the new service potential of Transport SDN

400G - the next commercial step towards Terabits
- Examining the business case for 400G as the next commercial step towards Terabits
- Where are carriers already planning to deploy 400G and how can the practical implementation challenges be overcome?

Exploiting 100G in Metro networks
- New economic models - modular, build as you grow
- Focus on operationalisation and automation of 100G
- Evolution of a smart new generation of optical and IP networks based upon coherent 100G
- Mobile and academic network applications and implementations of 100G


Be first, be informed, be connected and work more efficiently - Enjoy a better learning and networking experience at the optical industry's principal Knowledge Exchange!


Whom you will meet



The world's first Terabits event, now in its third year, attracts an audience of over 100 industry leaders and technology innovators from major carriers, solutions vendors and specialist, optical technology companies. The majority of the delegates and speakers, that you can meet, will have direct responsibility for network design and procurement choices, making this a uniquely senior and strategically significant meeting.


Knowledge Exchange Activities:

Layer123 believes in the fundamental value for you to interact as much as possible with the people that can help you most specifically at the event. We help you to find the people you need to meet and we help you to spend as much time engaged in useful discussions throughout your visit. Starting with online networking before you arrive - where you can see and communicate with other delegates and speakers - at the event, through speed networking, organised introductions and informal, themed discussions over lunch - and after the event, through extended online networking.


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