Packet Microwave & Mobile Backhaul

Optimising solution economics & performance for Mobile Backhaul
Expanding the Role of Microwave in LTE and Small Cells

   22-24 September 2014 | Hilton Düsseldorf, Germany

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A growing audience: 200+ delegates again in 2013, including the active participation of the industry’s top analysts - means that Layer123's Packet Microwave & Mobile Backhaul is firmly established as Europe’s premier knowledge exchange for senior professionals responsible for determining operators’ strategic planning and procurement decisions in these important areas.

As the principal and only event to serve the specialist Microwave industry, the agenda offers unparalleled coverage in both technical detail and business focus. With its increasing scale, the agenda was expanded successfully by Layer123 and its partners in 2013 to address a broader group of backhaul challenges, technologies and new architectures, looking forward to the impact of 5G and SDN.

With the support of key industry partners, the event successfully moved to the heart of the German mobile industry, Düsseldorf, in 2013. The knowledge exchange continues to build on its growing industry profile to support operators as they make important choices in the build-out of Next-Gen mobile backhaul infrastructure, as well as exploiting new solutions and managing most efficiently the rising tide of new applications traffic.

Many service providers are in the process of regenerating their Backhaul infrastructure as LTE rollout accelerates, carefully evaluating the real cost of capacity provided by various architectures, technologies and solutions. This is your opportunity to join them and benefit from their experiences and expertise as together, you address the challenges and consider the business case for new Packet Microwave as one of the most cost-effective and rapid-deployment solutions to LTE backhaul.

Join your peers - experts in Microwave technology and Mobile Backhaul solutions, senior strategists and planners from service providers - and the main Microwave and Backhaul systems and solutions vendors in Düsseldorf in September and find out how innovation in technology, architecture, solutions and spectrum can help you to:

  • Deploy and Grow LTE - with a substantial increase in capacity driving innovation in mobile backhaul technologies and architectures, find out how operators and vendors are developing and deploying innovative solutions to maximise mobile broadband performance, while keeping a lid on networking costs
  • Evaluate Small Cell Backhaul - share practical experiences with carriers deploying Small Cells and learn more about the new Microwave options for backhaul - E-Band, 80GHz, 60GHz and Sub-6GHz
  • Smooth the evolution from TDM to Packet Backhaul - share experiences with carriers who are in the process of evolving their backhaul networks and discover new tools to increase manageability and bandwidth efficiency in packet networks
  • Deliver new applications - network extension, Rural Broadband (fixed replacement), Small Cell backhaul, private networks, campus networks, difficult terrain, rapid deployment
  • Protect your investment - gain the depth of insight necessary to develop the optimal roadmap for your existing backhaul network
  • Differentiate your business proposition - be the first to hear about the new architectures, technologies and solutions that you can use to deliver unique value propositions to your customers
  • Keep an eye on future developments - discover the potential impact of 5G, Fronthaul, SDN and other innovation

Expect a uniquely specialist and expert speaking panel offering high quality presentations, insightful debate, structured small group discussion and live demos, as the industry adapts to today's needs for high capacity combined with high availability Microwave, copper and fibre-based backhaul solutions.

Operators, Regulators and Industry Analysts - take an active role in one of the Knowledge Exchange Debates and attend the event as a Layer123 guest

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Whom you will meet and How You Can Benefit

Meet over 200 of your industry colleagues, individuals responsible for:

  • Making network evolution decisions - requirements analysis, network strategy & implementation for service providers in Europe and beyond
  • Making network procurement decisions - equipment strategy, vendor selection, technology adoption
  • Developing new services - high capacity, network extension, multipoint, Ethernet, LTE backhaul
  • Designing Packet Microwave systems and architectures - senior product managers, technologists and standards coordinators from the main vendor organisations specialising in Packet Microwave systems and solutions
  • Driving the industry forward - senior figures from the main industry organisations, including MEF, that are helping to shape the future of Microwave

Spend your time in active engagement with the industry's most knowledgeable and well-connected leaders:

  • Keynote session - gain a view from the highest level within Lead Operators and market-making vendors, as they share their visions of current Microwave and Backhaul infrastructure challenges, drivers and opportunities
  • Case studies - find out how your peers are evolving their existing Microwave and Backhaul infrastructure and deploying new links - what solutions offer the best value?
  • Packet Microwave - examine new solutions and witness new technology demonstrations live
  • Mobile Backhaul New technologies - Coherent 100G, Carrier Ethernet 2.0, Software-Defined Networking, Dynamic Resource Allocation - architectures as well as improved economy and manageability
  • Structured discussions and face to face engagement - wouldn't it be great if someone organised a group of experts ready to discuss your most pressing issues over lunch - what a good use of time... consider it done!
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